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BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Email Set Up - Troubleshooting Your Email Accounts

4/30/2013 3:53:40 AM
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Sometimes, your email accounts just don't work quite right. Here are a few tips to handle some of the more common errors.

Unfortunately, sometimes email will not be as easy to set up as shown in the previous section.

1. Verify Usernames and Passwords

Your first action, which usually handles about 80% of the problems, is to simply re-type your email address and password. The reason could be as simple as a wrong character typed in your email address or password. Watch the password very carefully, especially if you have numbers or other characters. Always try retyping them a few times before doing anything else.

2. Verify Your Email Server Is POP3 or IMAP

Some email servers cannot be accessed by the BlackBerry Internet Service, so you cannot use these types of email accounts on your Bold. Contact your email service provider and tell them you are trying to access your email from a BlackBerry smartphone and verify the server is of a type called POP3 or IMAP.

3. Verify Your Email Server Settings (Advanced Settings)

Another setup issue might be that your server uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security or might have a non-standard email server name.

Contact your service provider to find out about these settings.

4. Solving a Gmail Enable IMAP Error Message

If you receive an error message in your email inbox telling you to turn on IMAP settings in Gmail, you need to log in to your Gmail account from your computer and follow these steps.

  1. Click the Settings link (usually in the very top right corner).

  2. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

  3. Make sure that IMAP Access is set to Enable IMAP, as shown in Figure 1.

  4. Then click the Save Changes button.

    Figure 1. Gmail Settings screen
  5. After you make this change, you will need to go back into your BlackBerry Personal Email Setup icon.

  6. Highlight the invalid account (in this case Gmail) and click the trackpad or Menu key to select Validate.

  7. On the next screen, you need to re-enter your password and click Next.

  8. If everything is OK, then you will see this pop-up saying Your password has been successfully validated.

5. Why Is Some Email Missing?

If you download your email messages to your computer using an email program such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or similar, and you use BlackBerry Internet Service on your BlackBerry for Email, then you need to turn on a specific setting in your computer's email program. If you do not leave a copy of messages on the server from your computer's email, you may end up receiving all email on your computer, but only a limited set of email on your BlackBerry.

5.1. Why Does This Happen?

By default, most email programs pull down or retrieve email from the server every one to five minutes and then erase the retrieved messages from the server. By default, the BlackBerry Internet Service usually pulls down email every 15 minutes or so. So, if your computer has pulled down the email every five minutes and erased it from the server, your BlackBerry will only receive a very limited set of messages (those that haven't yet been pulled down by your computer).

5.2. How to Fix This?

The answer is to set your computer's email program to keep your messages on the server. This way, the BlackBerry will always receive every email message. Here's how:

  1. In the email program on your computer (such as Microsoft Outlook), find the location where you can configure or change your email accounts. For example, Tools, Configure Accounts, Account Settings, or something similar (Figure 2).

  2. Select or change the appropriate email account. (Sometimes you just double-click the account to edit it.)

    Figure 2. Email Account Settings screen in Microsoft Outlook
  3. You will then usually go to an Advanced Settings area to make changes to Leave a copy of the message on the server. In Microsoft Outlook, click the More Settings tab and then the Advanced tab (Figure 3).

    Figure 3. Internet Email Settings in Microsoft Outlook
  4. At the bottom of the screen, under Delivery, check the Leave a copy of messages on the server box.

  5. Then check the Remove from server after X days box. We suggest changing the number to about 10 days. This allows you time to make sure that the message reaches both your BlackBerry and your PC—but doesn't clutter the server for too many days. If you make the number of days too high, you may end up with a Mail Box Full error and have your incoming email messages bounced back to the senders.


Remember to repeat this process for every email account that you have going to both your computer and your BlackBerry.

6. Correcting the "Invalid Account. Please Validate" Message

From time to time, you may see an invalid email account message, such as the one shown in Figure 4, either inside your BlackBerry Email Setup icon or when you log in to your wireless carrier's web site. This may happen if you have changed your email account password, or sometimes it just happens if the system encounters an unforeseen error—through no fault of your own! The following sections provide the steps to correct the problem.

6.1. Using Your Computer

You can log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service site from your computer to correct the invalid account. See Figure 4.

  1. Log in to your BlackBerry Wireless Carrier's web client.

    Figure 4. BlackBerry Internet Service showing invalid email Accounts
  2. Click the Edit icon next to the invalid account.

  3. Enter your information, including your password.

  4. Save your changes.

  5. You will then see a message that says Your email account has been successfully validated. The invalid account icon will change to a check mark in the Valid column, as shown in Figure 5.

    Figure 5. Email account successfully validated in BlackBerry Internet Service
6.2. Using Your BlackBerry

You can also correct invalid email accounts right on your BlackBerry.

  1. Log in to your Email Setup icon (usually in the Setup folder).

  2. After logging in, you will see a screen similar to the image shown to the right.

  3. To correct the Invalid Account errors, highlight the account and click the trackpad to select Validate.

  4. Now, re-type your password and click Next to validate the account.

  5. You will see a message similar to the one shown to the right for each validated account.

  6. Repeat the process for any other accounts shown as invalid.

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