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NISSAN X-TRAIL : X marks a new spot
An active lifestyle, everybody knows, is much better than an inactive one. An inactive lifestyle leads to bigger pants, a pallid complexion and diminished attractiveness to the opposite sex.
PORSCHE 911 GT3 : At home on the racetrack
The Porsche 911 GT3 is a racecar for the road, so says a Carrera Cup racer appointed as instructor at a driver's event here over the weekend.
SUZUKI S-CROSS 1.6 ALLGRIP : S-Cross ticks all the right boxes
Folks who place a premium on reliability, efficiency and value typically buy Japanese cars. And among Japanese cars, Toyota has the lion's share of the market, going by the number of cars on the road, followed by Honda and Nissan.
First Drives Mercedes – Benz C – Class (Part 3)
The use of new and old skills can be seen in the long, sinuous bodywork, which is the most successful element of the car: part-DB5, part muscle car, with a brilliantly worked Range Rover split tailgate and seat for sitting and watching polo, or poor people, from.
First Drives Mercedes – Benz C – Class (Part 2)
Beneath the veneer of vintage is a more contemporary tale though. One of the reasons it is so fast to market is because underpinning the hand-built body is a Jaguar XKR Convertible. It seems profligate to take an angle grinder to a new car, but Brown says this was the best way to produce a car with the inherent quality needed.
First Drives Mercedes – Benz C – Class (Part 1)
The Speedback GT rekindles the spirit of James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 with a very modern twist. I am reminded, sitting in the leathery snug of the David Brown Speedback GT, of a story from my childhood. In the late 18th century, William Beckford was ‘the richest commoner in Britain’ and built in Wiltshire Fonthill Abbey, a vast, grandiose Gothic-revival cathedral and home which fell down around his ears, nearly ruining him.
Gran Opening - 420d Gran Coupe (Part 2)
So there’s some added practicality then, although jumping into the driver’s seat soon reveals the distinct lack of visibility through the rear view mirror. It’s poor to say the least as the angle of the glass and large Cpillars make things appear very dark back there with a letter box-sized look out.
Gran Opening - 420d Gran Coupe (Part 1)
Can The Latest Medium Sized Four-Door Coupé From BMW Pull Off What Its Bigger Brother Has Managed To Do So Well And Create A Whole New Market?
Eyes Front – Mercedes-Benz (Part 2)
While the AMG model adds to its bombastic power delivery an exceptionally deft chassis and great steering feel, in the rest of the CLS range it’s business as usual. That means very sharp, precise steering and a sense that the car, in spite of its E-Class roots, really is set up for cornering.
Eyes Front – Mercedes-Benz (Part 1)
Mercedes-Benz refines the raffish image of the CLS with new engines, a new gearbox and some high tech new headlights - deliveries begin in September
Faded Glory In Its Latest Iteration
Faded glory in its latest iteration, the WRX STI, once a byword for affordable performance, isn’t nearly as sharp, or cheap, as it used to be.
Fast Cat Sharpens Its Claws (Part 2)
This, plus several chassis tweaks to make it more extreme, has justified Jaguar applying the “R” moniker. Hence, where the range-topping V8 version of the Roadster is called the V8 S, this car is called the F-Type R Coupe.
Fast Cat Sharpens Its Claws (Part 1)
Jaguar says that the styling of its F-Type was inspired by the E-Type of half a century ago. In the video presentation at the F-Type Coupe’s launch in Spain, it even relied on an extremely distended shadow of the E-Type coupe to draw the visual connection between the two.
After You – News In Depth Robotics
Recognising the pedestrian’s gesture, the car stops to let them cross safely. If self-driving cars really are the future, then we must decide upon a language with which to interact with them - and hand gestures could be the answer.
Audi A7 3.0 TDI Ultra - Smooth, Comfortable And Extremely Efficient
Audi has struck a major blow in the battle for diesel supremacy with its new ‘ultra’ engines, and now it has expanded the range with this: a 215bhp 3.0-litre V6. The first model to get this new power plant is the A7 sport back, which has also been given a mid-life face-lift. So, this is a V6 executive hatch that does an average of 60.1mpg, and emits 122g/km of CO2.
BMW X4 Vs Porsche Macan - High And Mighty (Part 2)
Porsche interiors are some of the best in the business, and the Macan’s doesn’t disappoint. Its dashboard is solidly constructed and features lots of chrome and dense plastics that all feel high-quality. The X4’s dash is by no means drab, but you’ll find scratchier plastics than in the Macan and wider panel gaps.
BMW X4 Vs Porsche Macan - High And Mighty (Part 1)
The BMW X4 is a car that blends the performance of an Audi SQ5 and the style of a Range Rover Evoque. Trouble is, the Porsche Macan has already seen off those two. The X4 needs to succeed where these others failed.
Wind Of (Not Much) Change - Volkswagen Scirocco R
BMW 2-series, Hyundai Veloster… so what’s Volkswagen doing to respond to the challenge? The answer, surprisingly, is not much. That’s because its engineers are busy working hard on the fourth-generation Scirocco replacement that’s two years away. That car, like the Audi TT, will be based on the lighter MQB platform.
X – Box 3: BMW X4 vs Macan & Q5 (Part 4)
The older SQ5 costs similar money to the others at $72919, but its extra performance swings the tables back in its favour. Audi might have dominated Le Mans with diesel power for years, but it was the SQ5 that first introduced it to Audi’s sporty S production cars.
X – Box 3: BMW X4 vs Macan & Q5 (Part 3)
Snuggle into the driver’s seat and you’ll grip a steering wheel inspired by the 918 supercar, with trick new roller wheels for the multi-function volume controls, and cut-outs in the spokes for a tantalizing flash of the tactile paddle-shifters.
X – Box 3: BMW X4 vs Macan & Q5 (Part 2)
Despite the X4’s coupe-style roof, sitting in the back isn’t the compromise it might first appear. You don’t feel like a basketball player trying to get in a country pub when you duck under the roofline, and, once you’re in, there’s plenty of headroom for those of six-feet and a little over.
X – Box 3: BMW X4 vs Macan & Q5 (Part 1)
Diehard BMW enthusiasts will despise the X4, there’s no getting round that. They’ll dismiss it as a jacked-up 3-series saloon with a coupe roof that’s neither true SUV nor credible coupe.
Infotainment systems rack up complaints
Staying constantly connected in your car through elaborate infotainment systems is increasingly coming at the cost of quality, Consumer Reports magazine found in its latest survey of automotive reliability.
Ferrari ponders its future
For Ferrari, proving it can thrive as an independent sports-car maker may be a tougher challenge than a Formula One victory.
Audi A8 : A8 comes of age
The Audi A8 has been around for some time. But it is still overlooked by towkays who rely on one or two brands to make an impression.
Jaguar XJ : Feline power
But as it turns out, the XJ with the smallest power plant is pleasantly driveable, with almost the same level of pace and grace as its better endowed siblings.
BMW M3 : Pretty tame
It is well established that the model is the best example of an "ultimate driving machine", with all the key attributes of a BMW dialled up by a couple of notches. And then some.
Welcome To The UK, Please Drive On The Left - Ford Mustang 2.3T Ecoboost (Part 3)
It might be a disappointment. Or less weight over the nose of a modern, well-sorted chassis might shame A5s and 4-series. We’ll find out soon. The front suspension has also been heavily revised to work with the new rear-end: still struts, but of a new geometry and mounted to a proper front subframe.
Welcome To The UK, Please Drive On The Left - Ford Mustang 2.3T Ecoboost (Part 2)
The Mustang is still number two in the Us sports car market, and only just, to the Camaro. And it still offers near-unbeatable bang for the buck. If you disqualify a couple of tradesman-spec trucks with big V8 engines, the Camaro and Mustang still offer the cheapest horsepower in America. The Mustang is again only just behind the Camaro at 76 dollars per horsepower for the entry level 305hp V6.
Welcome To The UK, Please Drive On The Left - Ford Mustang 2.3T Ecoboost (Part 1)
Fresh off the boat, but having forgotten to pack a muscle-car engine, Ford’s Europeanised pony car aims to save us from German domination in a market where Capri once reigned. We assess its chances
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