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CHEVROLET SONIC 1.4 : Sonic youth with a presence
The Chevy has an aggressive snout and "fierce" headlights that look ready to stare down other vehicles. The figure- eight tail-lamps, however, appear rather dated.
Classic American Little Blue Wagon (Part 2)
The rarity of the Brookwood does throw up some problems though. “Because of the fuel injection I needed to fit a fuel pump in the fuel tank, which meant cutting it open,” explains Ian. The ’59 wagon fuel tank is different from the car version due to the location of the spare wheel.
Classic American Little Blue Wagon (Part 1)
When you’ve previously built your own cars to a high standard it can be difficult buying someone else’s finished one unless, like Ian Burton has with this 1959 Chevrolet Brookwood, you undo it and start all over again...
Classic ‘Budd’ Big Block Bruiser (Part 2)
On July 4, 1974, the Vette was entered in a street circuit race at Pontiac, some 25 miles from Detroit. Tonys says: “I was trying to pass a slower car and he moved over on me. I tried to squeeze between him and the hay bales. I got upside down and up into a light pole and then went end over end.
Classic ‘Budd’ Big Block Bruiser (Part 1)
Meet Neil Merry’s Tony De Lorenzo ‘Budd ’Corvette replica ,a historic race car replica inspired by one of the hairier, scarier machines of the Seventies…
Classic Car Behind The Wheel (Part 2)
I was kindly invited by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders to attend a test day at the massive Millbrook Proving Ground near Bedford, where most of the major car makers brought along a selection of their latest offerings to drive on the huge banked speedbowl, the challenging Alpine road course and the tight and twisty city course.
Classic Car Behind The Wheel (Part 1)
I’ve been a little wary of taking the Forty too far, pending a complete overhaul of the steering. I knew work was required when I bought the car and to be fair, while there is far too much play in the steering, it actually drives quite nicely, notwithstanding the bias belt tyres.
Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird 3rd Generation –1982­-1992 (Part 4)
“Rear discs can be a nightmare. They were all subject to a recall in the Eighties, and an investigation by the NHTSA. Drive the car, coast, and pull the handbrake, and see if it slows the car. If not, the callipers are seized and it's an expensive pain to fix.
Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird 3rd Generation –1982­-1992 (Part 3)
“Apart from the four-pot, they were all powered by Chevy engines, unlike the second-gens. The TPI fuel injection is far better than the earlier systems, and looks good too!” – MM
Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird 3rd Generation –1982­-1992 (Part 2)
These cars are usually pretty watertight, but the earliest 1982-1985 T-tops aren't very good. They're still a lot better than the second-gen T-tops ever were! There's an aperture at the base of the windscreen, where the wiper linkage sits, with a plastic cover over it.
Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird 3rd Generation –1982­-1992 (Part 1)
GM's ever-popular F-body pony car, the Camaro/Firebird, had weathered two recessions in the Seventies but was looking decidedly long in the tooth for the new decade.
BMW Concepts: The Cars They Could Have Made 328 Hommage
We reckon this was BMW concept styling at its very best and although we only know it was powered by a straight-six you can bet it would have been a whole lot of fun to drive.
BMW Motorsport: A Look Back Of The Long Rat Race With Its Rival – Audi (Part 2)
With victory in the recent Spa 24-Hour race Audi has made it a hat-trick of wins - Nürburgring, Le Mans and Spa - and while BMW has yet to enter the fray with a machine eligible for Le Mans it was once again a case of so close for the Z4 GT3s at Spa- Francorchamps in Belgium.
BMW Motorsport: A Look Back Of The Long Rat Race With Its Rival – Audi (Part 1)
It looks like BMW is back to its winning ways in the DTM but its nearest rival Audi has got its own back with a trio of 24-Hour race wins this year
Brands Hatch – Second Time Lucky
It was first time lucky for Brands Hatch’s amazing inaugural American Speedfest event in 2013, but this year had the only thing the first event lacked – blazing sunshine.
Bronco Long Travel Basics Don’t Scrap That TTB
The ‘80-96 Ford Bronco is arguably one of the greatest platforms ever built for all types of wheeling. They’re not too big and cumbersome, yet have enough room to store all your gear with plenty of room for passengers even during long road trips through the middle of nowhere.
Authentic goods – ‘76 Corolla (Part 3)
In order to tackle the considerable amount of extra power now on tap, he needed a much stronger differential that allowed for some occasional tail-happy fun, but that mainly kept everything in check to create a fast road weapon.
Authentic goods – ‘76 Corolla (Part 2)
First up was tackling the fuelling system. Chris knew that big power would eventually be the engine’s party trick, so in anticipation replaced the restrictive standard carburetors with a set of beefy side-draft Weber 50s. Internally, after porting and polishing the head, top-quality big valves were shipped over from SI Valves in the States, along with a set of custom-made JE forged pistons.
Authentic goods – ‘76 Corolla (Part 1)
Gauging whether it’s frowned upon to tamper with a particular car or not often appears to have very little logic to back it up. Add a set of big, dished rims to an Austin Healey and dump it on air suspension, for example, and you’ll probably end up with a gang of angry men with flats caps putting a bounty on your head.
Bitchin’ Bowtie 1967 Chevrolet Camaro (Part 2)
It says a lot about the quality of the paintwork that was applied at the time of the restoration in 1986 that it has survived extremely well and still looks great almost 30 years later, though Rick’s beady eye spotted some later ‘refurbishment’ to the offside front wing. I
Bitchin’ Bowtie 1967 Chevrolet Camaro (Part 1)
Rick Skelsey’s 1967First Generation Chevrolet Camaro is a rare beast in many ways; finding a first generation Camaro that’s not been raced or modified is quite an achievement nowadays, as is finding one that was assembled here in Europe.
Luxe cars for less
To counter plunging sales, various companies have launched leasing schemes. Such schemes bypass loan curbs as no down payment is required for what is essentially a long-term rental. Hence, there is no hefty initial outlay.
BMW i3 : Fun electric choice
The beauty of the BMW i3 (above) lies in its sheer driveability and unbeatable all-round acceleration, but its rear coach doors can make it rather inconvenient to enter and exit the car.
Invest in classic cars?
For all the millions spent on art, wine, coins, stamps, watches, jewellery, Chinese ceramics and antique furniture, the better investment might be classic cars. At least, that is what the numbers say.
4Runner Facts Toyota Suv Sportter’s Guide (part 4)
The next 4Runner introduced for 1996, and offered until 2002, featured a larger body sitting on a new chassis, and the wheelbase was stretched 2 inches. This was the first year that the 4Runner would not share the same body panels or frame with its companion truck model.
4Runner Facts Toyota Suv Sportter’s Guide (part 3)
Build parts are, understandably, most abundant for the first-generation 4Runners. This is especially true for the straight axle versions as they are prized for hard-core articulation on tough trails. However, solid axle swaps on the torsion bar IFS has been cookie-cutter duplicated for nearly 20 years now, so swaps are relatively straight-forward.
4Runner Facts Toyota Suv Sportter’s Guide (Part 2)
Toyota’s super-stout 22R and 22RE four-bangers are solid performers and were used for over a decade. There was a factory turbo version as well. These engines have proven they can take extreme abuse and their crank assemblies seem nearly indestructible.
4Runner Facts Toyota Suv Sportter’s Guide (part 1)
From its humble beginnings in 1984, the 4Runner has proven itself to be a top-notch off-road SUV, and has lent itself well to modifications. The aftermarket is ripe with upgrade offerings since the 4Runner has proven itself a popular vehicle for backcountry exploring.
American Super Stock – Rounds 4&5
Rounds four and five of this year's sizzling American Super Stock championship at York Raceway didn't get off to the best of starts – round four, on the Sunday, was a complete rain-off. Still, that didn't stop a superb field of 22 qualifiers taking to the track on Spring Bank Holiday Monday for round five.
Audi A3 Cabriolet And Audi S3 Sedan – A-Grade Additions
If sales and awards are any indication, then Audi seems to be doing lots right at present. It is building vehicles that people want, like Q Series SUVs, and the new A3 family offerings. Together, they contribute to one in two Audi sales.
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