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‘Mac’ Version 2.0 - The Replacement For The Mclaren 12c (Part 2)
The 650S feels even more capable than the 12C on the road. It rides better, is slicker up and down the gears, and thanks to that extra wallop of torque, outruns slower traffic with even greater ease than before. But take the car out on the racetrack (Spain’s Ascari circuit in this case) and it rapidly – really rapidly – sheds its British gentleman persona and transforms into a British bulldog on the scent for sausages.
‘Mac’ Version 2.0 - The Replacement For The Mclaren 12c (Part 1)
In the fastidious environment that is the McLaren Technology Centre in Surrey, UK, employees can have any drink on their work desk, as long as it’s bottled water. Files or sheets of paper that aren’t being worked on have to be kept in drawers.
Mercedes Benz A-Class And B-Class Edition 1 – Play By Year
The setting was a tyre launch event at the Zandvoort circuit near Amsterdam, and I was driving the A-Class in a painfully slow convoy around the track. We barely nudged the 100-kph mark (thanks to the pace car leading us), and were expected to give feedback on tyre noise, grip levels and the heights of boredom achieved during the drive.
Mercedes C-Class Estate - Merc’s Latest Executive Car
The latest C-Class has already impressed us in saloon form, only narrowly losing out to its arch-rival the BMW 3 series in last month’s issue. Does the estate version make as much (or perhaps even more) sense?
Nissan Pulsar – On Sale October
The Nissan Pulsar is a new family car that will fight for sales with the Ford Focus, Kia Ceed and Vauxhall Astra. Nissan claims it will beat its rivals because it has superior rear space, more striking styling and class-leading technology that is fitted as standard – ingredients that it believes are also behind the smash-hit sales success of our reigning Car of the Year, the Nissan Qashqai.
Mercedes AMG-GT S : Thrills and spills with AMG-GT
So even though the new Mercedes AMG-GT has a rear section that has an uncanny resemblance to a fellow German company's iconic numerically identifiable model, there are subtle variations to the theme, not all of them good.
BMW 320i ED : Smaller engine but still good to drive
In this respect, the new BMW 320i EfficientDynamics does not disappoint. The newcomer is a quintessential BMW which is not short of "BMW-ness".
Renault Megane GT-Line's : Dare to be different
It is different from run-of-the-mill cars on three fronts: It has a turbodiesel power plant while the Singapore car market is primarily a petrol one; it is a hatchback when saloons and SUVs rule local roads; and it is a Renault.
2015 Piaggio MP3 500 : Tricycles for adults
Children who begin their vehicular life on tricycles typically migrate to two-wheelers, eventually graduating to four- wheelers. Now some grown- ups are returning to their three-wheel roots, although without the pedals this time around.
S. Korea faces car trade deficit with Europe
South Korea is on track to spend more on vehicle imports from Europe this year than it earns from exports the other way, for the first time in 24 years, as German brands breach the once impregnable fortress of Hyundai Motor and its local rivals.
BMW i8 : Sports cars losing appeal, says BMW
"The sports-car market is roughly half of what it used to be," Mr Ian Robertson, BMW's head of sales, said in an interview at the manufacturer's headquarters in Munich.
You Wouldn’t Understand Honda Civic
After four years in the making, Irish lad neil Thompson, has finally finished his dream EK9. To most people it’s just a purple Honda civic, but to those in the know, it’s an absolute mas terpiece!
Welcome To The UK, Please Drive On The Left - Ford Mustang 2.3T Ecoboost (Part 4)
An Ecoboost with the performance pack will start from $27,165 in America, with the Gt (the V8) another $6930, the convertible another $5500 and an auto $1195.
The Nast Town Of Peterborough
Once again the town of Peterborough was descended upon by thousands of top quality motors for this year’s Nationals. Now into its 11th year, the show is bigger than ever before, and this year didn’t disappoint!
Improving Perfection How Do You Make The Best, Better? (Part 2)
So the decision was made to add an intercooler to the equation to cool the charge, but this meant keeping the standard look would be more of a challenge as usually intercoolers are front mounted and on show to ensure good airflow.
Improving Perfection How Do You Make The Best, Better? (Part 1)
Relatively speaking, it’s pretty easy to modify a car and even adding a shed load of extra power isn’t too hard most of the time either. But modifying a car in such a way that it complements and highlights its original features and finer points rather than eclipse them is a far more difficult affair.
Letters To Road & Track (Part 2)
Cammisa’s comment regarding the lack of relevance of the S2000 to Honda’s place in automotive history needs to be debated. The S2K’s enthusiast-focused capabilities, coupled with its legendary reliability and price point, clearly place it near the top of Honda’s pyramid.
Letters To Road & Track (Part 1)
I have the utmost respect for Alfa Romeo and its heritage. I’m trying to like the new 4C, I really am. But that thing is butt-ugly! And based on your driving experience in the June issue, it’s not fully baked.
Matters Of The Heart Bmw’s Diesel 520d And Petrol 520i Are Identical Saloon Twins
Identical twins are two people sharing the same DNA and having the same appearance. As they grow up, they might also have uncannily similar personalities and interests. But twins are essentially still two different individuals who dress differently and all, with their own lives to lead.
From Italy With Love - Story Of The Supercar: ’60s & ’70s – Countach Vs Miura (Part 4)
Driving a Countach is every bit as physical an experience as it looks like it should be. Like the Miura, it’s a challenge to drive well. Treat it like you would a modern Huracan and you’ll hate every minute wrestling with the heavy controls. It needs patience, stamina and concentration, and it’s massively rewarding when you get it right.
From Italy With Love - Story Of The Supercar: ’60s & ’70s – Countach Vs Miura (Part 3)
It was 1974 before the car made it to production, now sporting bigger air intakes to cool the hungry V12, and minus the concept’s digital dash and periscope rear-view mirror.
From Italy With Love - Story Of The Supercar: ’60s & ’70s – Countach Vs Miura (Part 2)
Those power figures are as optimistic as thoughts of using the Miura as a daily driver, but there’s no doubt that this was serious performance by late ’60s standards. For the P400S that arrived in 1968, enlarged ports and modified combustion chambers pumped that to 370bhp, but it’s the SV that’s the ultimate Miura.
From Italy With Love - Story Of The Supercar: ’60s & ’70s – Countach Vs Miura (Part 1)
In the 1960s, with the advent of the Miura, Lamborghini invented the supercar. In the ’70s they invented it all over again with the Countach. Will anything ever diminish their charms?
Going From A To B Mercedes Has Launched The Special Edition Versions Of Its A And B-Class
Clouds hung low on the distant hill as we stood atop the Lavasa stretch, shooting the two brand new versions of the A and the Bclass cars. While Pawan was busy making the shutter work I was sipping some extra sweet tea, which remained as sweet despite munching on a particularly sweet form of biscuit.
2012 Volkswagen CC – Slightly Larger And More Dynamic Performance (Part 2)
While HPA doesn’t really advertise the gains from its K04 turbo kit, 3ZERO3 Motorsports had built several similarly equipped TSI cars. They were confidently expecting at least 300whp, as they strapped it to the dyno one warm afternoon in June to see what the CC-R had.
2012 Volkswagen CC – Slightly Larger And More Dynamic Performance (Part 1)
In Volkswagen speak, “R” designates only the most capable version of a given platform. Over the years, we’ve seen two generations of R32 and, more recently, the revered Golf R.
2014 Porsche Macan SUV Gets Official and Looks Good
Literally thousands of perspective owners previously unable to afford to realize that dream on the arrival of the all-new Macan revealed last week at the Los Angeles motor show. Key to Porsche’s 200 000 cars a tear plan; its fifth model line arrives in SA early next year.
2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider – Real Daily-Drivable Supercar
No, you’re not losing your mind. We’ve already reviewed the sultry 12C Spider back in EC2/13, when Basem Wasef had a chance to let it loose on Spain’s Ascari Circuit.
Bentley Continental GT V8 VS Aston Martin Vanquish Volante
An eerie fog shrouded the pair of exquisite grand tourers as they posed on the hallowed grounds of Michaelhouse – now in its 118th year, having migrated to its Midlands setting from Pietermaritzburg in 1901.
BMW 218i ACTIVE TOURER : New BMW streets ahead of rivals
Inside and out, the BMW 218i Active Tourer comes across as better designed, better built and much better equipped.
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