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Oracle SOA Suite 11g : Installing Admin Server and Managed Servers (part 3) - Installing SOA & Creating Domain
From the Oracle Home location, you configure the WebLogic server domain for the SOA and BAM servers.
Oracle SOA Suite 11g : Installing Admin Server and Managed Servers (part 2) - Configuring schema
The bat command returns to the prompt immediately and, after a few seconds, the Repository Creation Utility opens (if you just ran the utility to drop the schema, it opens the second time much more quickly).
Oracle SOA Suite 11g : Installing Admin Server and Managed Servers (part 1) - Installing WebLogic Server & Dropping the existing schema
If this is the first time you are installing, you do not need to go through this step and you should jump ahead to the Configuring schema step.
Examples of SQL Server Implementations : DSS Application Examples
The DSS/BI examples start with a traditional star schema data warehouse deployment for a Silicon Valley high-tech company. The same data has also been deployed as an OLAP cube created by Analysis Services.
Examples of SQL Server Implementations : Application Terms & OLTP Application Examples
The following sections describe what the major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendor SAP AG has implemented using SQL Server for its database layer.
SQL Server 2008 : Storage system sizing - Characterizing I/O workload & Determining the required number of disks and controllers
To determine an application's ideal storage system and disk quantity, it's important to understand the type and volume of I/O the application will generate.
SQL Server 2008 : The SQL Server landscape (part 2)
Most technology-focused IT professionals can be categorized as either developers or administrators. In contrast, categorizing a DBA is not as straightforward.
SQL Server 2008 : The SQL Server landscape (part 1)
Like earlier versions, the major editions of SQL Server are Enterprise and Standard, with a number of other specialized editions. Let's briefly walk through the editions, noting the significant features and limitations of each.
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