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SQL Server 2005 : Enhancing Service Broker Scale-Out with SQLCLR
Service Broker is frequently mentioned as an excellent choice for helping to scale out database services. One of the more compelling use cases is a Service Broker service that can be used to asynchronously request data from a remote system.
MySQL Replication for Scale-Out : Managing the Replication Topology - Example of an Application-Level Load Balancer
To handle a large number of reads, sites use replication to create copies of the master and then let the slaves handle all read requests while the master handles the write requests.
MySQL Replication for Scale-Out : Scaling Out Reads, Not Writes & The Value of Asynchronous Replication
To handle a large number of reads, sites use replication to create copies of the master and then let the slaves handle all read requests while the master handles the write requests.
Installing and upgrading SQL Server 2008 : Developing a service pack upgrade strategy
A common planning mistake is to fail to consider the need for scheduled maintenance; therefore, a request to apply a service pack is often met with a negative response in terms of the impact on users.
Upgrading to SQL Server 2008 : Upgrade Advisor, In-place upgrade & Side-by-side upgrade
SQL Server 2008, like 2005, includes an Upgrade Advisor tool, which you can use to examine existing 2000 and/or 2005 instances to determine whether any issues will prevent an upgrade from completing (blocking issues) or backward-compatibility issues that may lead to application failure after the upgrade.
MySQL for Python : Exception Handling - Catching different types of exceptions
Exceptions can be caught with a generic except clause for simpler implementations, but more complex programs should process exceptions by type.
MySQL for Python : Handling exceptions passed from MySQL
MySQL for Python takes care of the nitty-gritty of communication between your program and MySQL. As a result, handling exceptions passed from MySQL is as straightforward as handling exceptions passed from any other Python module.
Oracle SOA Suite 11g : Product Installation - Additional actions (part 2) - Configuration
This section provides the instructions for creating database and JMS resources that are required by the tutorial. Start your database and WebLogic admin servers and complete the following configuration steps.
Oracle SOA Suite 11g : Product Installation - Additional actions (part 1) -Setting memory limits
Review the memory settings. This value is dependent on your machine resources and may need to be adjusted for your machine. Allocating less memory for startup will give you better performance on a machine with less memory available. This value is appropriate for a 3 GB memory machine or less.
Installing SQL Server 2008 : GUI installation & Command prompt installations
After installation, you must perform a number of important configuration activities, such as sizing the tempdb database, setting minimum and maximum memory values, and creating SQL Agent alerts.
Installing and upgrading SQL Server 2008 : Preparing for installation
A SQL Server installation will create several new Windows services, each of which requires an account under which it will run. As we'll see shortly, these accounts are specified during installation, so they need to be created in advance.
Exploiting Second-Order SQL Injection
Second-order SQL injection usually arises because of an easy mistake that developers make when thinking about tainted and validated data.
MySQL for Python : Exception Handling (part 1)
The value of rigorous error checking is exemplified in any of the several catastrophes arising from poor software engineering. Examples abound, but a few are particularly illustrative of what happens when bad data and design go unchallenged.
MySQL for Python : Connecting with a database
In making a phone call, one picks up the handset, dials a number, talks and listens, and then hangs up. Making a database connection through MySQL for Python is nearly as simple.
Using a WCF Service to Integrate SQL Azure Data with SharePoint (part 2) - Creating a Dashboard
Creating a dashboard in SharePoint does not necessarily require code. As a best practice, you should always look to the out-of-the-box functionality before engaging in custom development.
Using a WCF Service to Integrate SQL Azure Data with SharePoint (part 1) - Creating a WCF Service
WCF services can be called from many different types of client applications, such as Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications, JavaScript or jQuery-based applications, or Silverlight applications.
Oracle SOA Suite 11g : Installing JDeveloper (part 2) - Updating JDeveloper with latest SOA
SOA design time in JDeveloper requires a JDeveloper extension called SOA Composite Editor. While this is normally updated over the network when using release-level software, you can also perform the update manually if you have the extension file.
Oracle SOA Suite 11g : Installing JDeveloper (part 1)
If you are installing JDeveloper on a machine that is not the same as your WebLogic server installation, you must have installed the JDK 6 update 11 first.
SQL Server 2008 : SQL Server and SANs
SAN storage design goals are often in conflict with those of SQL Server. SANs are effective at maximizing disk utilization by sharing a large central store of disks between many servers.
SQL Injection : Evading Input Filters (part 3)
Sanitizing filters often perform several operations on user-supplied data, and occasionally one of the steps is to truncate the input to a maximum length, perhaps in an effort to prevent buffer overflow attacks, or accommodate data within database fields that have a predefined maximum length.
SQL Injection : Evading Input Filters (part 2)
Many databases allow SQL queries to be executed dynamically, by passing a string containing an SQL query into a database function which executes the query.
SQL Injection : Evading Input Filters (part 1)
Often, the application code that these filters protect is vulnerable to SQL injection, and to exploit the vulnerability you need to find a means of evading the filter to pass your malicious input to the vulnerable code.
SQL Server 2005 : Implementing High Availability - Using Replication
Replication is the process by which data and database objects are distributed from SQL Server to other database engines that reside across an enterprise; this data can be distributed to other SQL Server databases or even non–SQL Server databases such as Oracle and others.
SQL Server 2005 : High-Availability Solutions
Something else that may have been unexpected when you created the XNA project is the presence of the Content project. This project, which is initially empty, has the sole purpose of containing all the external data files (graphics, sound files, 3D models and so on) that you wish to use within your game.
Importing MySQL for Python
The name of the project MySQL for Python is the current version of a project that began under the rubric MySQLdb. Consequently, unlike most Python modules, the MySQL for Python module is not called by its name, but by its historic handle.
Getting MySQL for Python
How you get MySQL for Python depends on your operating system and the level of authorization you have on it. In the following subsections, we walk through the common operating systems and see how to get MySQL for Python on each.
Using SQL Azure for Business Intelligence : Creating a Report
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is an enterprise reporting platform with which you can rapidly build and deploy reports for SQL Server data.
Using SQL Azure for Business Intelligence : Preparing the Data
In this exercise, you’ll use SQL Azure as the back-end data source. This database example will be relatively simple for you to create; it’s intended to illustrate the integration capabilities as opposed to comprehensively exploring the heavyweight data processing that you can do in SQL Azure.
SQL Server 2008 : Storage system sizing - Selecting an appropriate storage system
In addition to DAS, recent years have seen the introduction of a number of other types of storage solutions. As well as DAS, this section will investigate Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs.
SQL Server 2008 : Storage system sizing - Selecting the appropriate RAID level
This section will look at four RAID levels and their advantages and disadvantages from a cost, fault protection, and performance perspective. Note that there are more RAID levels than discussed here, but these are the common ones used for SQL Server implementations.
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