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The Newest Gear You'll Want To Own (Part 2) - Western Digital My Passport Slim 2 TB, Leica X Vario Compact
Imagewise, it doesn't disappoint. The large APS-C CMOS 16,1 MP sensor delivers low image noise levels, a high dynamic range and accurate color differentiation. And its 28-70 mm f/3.5 to f/6.4 ASPH zoom lens lets you capture any damn thing you want.
The Newest Gear You'll Want To Own (Part 1) - Sony Xperia Z1, OutCast Senior 1.2
The OutCast Senior 1.2 System is just the thing you need to get the party started. It comprises two parts - an all-weather, portable loudspeaker and the iCast transmitter.
Where Exquisite Design Meets Exceptional Audio Performance?
Winner of the prestigious EISA European HT Innovation 2013-3014 award, the Philips Fidelio HTL9100 is a soundbar like no other. Boasting real surround sound on demand, it features two wireless speakers that can be detached from the main unit and placed around the room for a true 5.1 surround sound experience.
Going Back To The Beat
Working out and exercising may sound like a chore to many but it actually isn’t especially when you have friends or even the right type of music to motivate you. This is why many headphone manufacturers have designed countless numbers of headphones for those who lead an active lifestyle.
Gotta Have It Gadgets : Skullcandy Crusher, Huawei Mediapad 10 Link, TDK Wireless Boombox
Skullcandy's Crusher headset literally lets you feel the voices in your head. Powered Sensation55 drivers (housed in each ear cup) deliver attacking bass, while undistorted, pure sound is supplied via separate custom REX40 drivers designed specifically for this headset. The end result: quality sound accompanied by superior bass you can feel.
ProLink PLE 901 - 4G LTE Speed On Your PC Or Laptop
Due to its lightweight form factor (40g) and support for a wide range of mobile networks used in a number different countries (Singapore included, obviously), the PLE 901 is ideal for students, business travelers and tourists who require fast, dedicated Internet speeds on the go.
The Best Earphones Money Can Buy - Bose QuietComfort 201
QuietComfort 15 has long been accepted as the best active noise cancelling headphone, but it can no longer claim that title. The QuietComfort 15 has to vacate the throne to make way for Bose’s new QuietComfort 201.
Philips Fidelio S2 - S stands For Smooth
Since the introduction of the new iPhone 5S, gold seems to be all the rage. So it’s a good thing that the Philips Fidelio S2 earphones have gold accents to add a bit of sparkle to its black color scheme. The use of a flat tangle-free cable is also a muted, gold color on one side making sure that the Fidelio S2’s look is current and trendy.
Klipsch X11i - Among The World's Smallest, Lightest In-Ear Headphones
Crafted from milled aluminum and available in black, the X11i is Klipsch's new flagship earphone. Like the other X-series earphone products, the X11i also uses balanced-armature type drivers to provide audio. The small stature of the BA units means that the overall size and weight of the earphone is quite small.
Jabra Sport Wireless+ - Bluetooth Sports Headset
A major gripe I have with bringing my smartphone to the gym for music is having to wear an armband. That, and earphone cables that get in the way. The Jabra Sport Wireless+ aims to fix that.
Walker Audio Ultra Vivid CD, SACD & DVD Enhancer
Removing static charge from DVDs, SACDs and CDs can be quite a challenge. One approach is to use the Walker Audio Ultra Vivid CD, SACD & DVD Enhancer, available in the UK from Analogue Seduction
The New Season Of Hi-Fi Shows
As we enter the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” (that’s autumn, to those who haven’t yet encountered the great John Keats), there’s one thing that you can be sure of – it’s Showtime – from the inaugural The Hi-Fi Show in the UK in October, to Rocky Mountain in the States, and even CES in Las Vegas in the new year.
Longdog Audio’s VDt1 – A Minimalist High-End DAC (Part 2)
Feed it some hi-res music via its USB input and it really begins to shine. Art of Noise’s Moments in Love at 24/88.2 is just superb, the DAC capturing the synthesized rhythm backing beautifully, giving a very realistic sense of texture.
Longdog Audio’s VDt1 – A Minimalist High-End DAC (Part 1)
These days, $5,626.3 gives you a choice of a good range of feature-laden DACs and digital preamps. Kitted out with fancy displays, multifarious features and often with streaming functionality too, they seem to have more inputs than you’d see in a recording studio desk.
Geneva Model S Wireless DAB
It still sells its Model S and Model S Wireless DAB+ models, which feature motorized 30-pin Apple connector berths, but as you may guess from its name, the Sound System Model S Wireless DAB+ features wireless connectivity.
Tivoli Audio: Design For Life
The stereo Music System+ incorporates a CD player with a slot-loading mechanism (compatible with CD-R/CD-RW discs and MP3 and WMA formats), FM/DAB/DAB+ radio tuner, and a digital clock radio with snooze and sleep timers and two independent alarms.
Gadgets For Geeks: Gear In The Office (Part 2) - Trendnet 2-Bay NAS media server enclosure, Trendnet powerline 500 AV Nano adapter kit
Trendnet’s 2-Bay NAS Media Server Enclosure, model TN-200, is the entertainment and storage hub of a digital network. DLNA certified Smart TVs, media players, and game consoles can automatically find and play multiple HD videos and music simultaneously, while an iTunes library can be shared across the network.
Gadgets For Geeks: Gear In The Office (Part 1) - Trendnet AC1750 dual band wireless router
Trendnet’s AC1750 Dual Band Wireless router enables you to manage two wireless networks – the 1300 Mbps Wireless AC band for the fastest wireless available and the 450 Mbps Wireless N band to connect common wireless devices.
ISOkinetik Miniplat A4 Isolation Platform
Most of the isolation platforms available on the market today are designed and sized for supporting turntables and other larger pieces of hi-fi or AV equipment. However, the Miniplat A4 isolation platform from Isokinetic is a competitively priced support that is more suitable for those smaller components in a hi-fi set up such as phonon stages, half-size CD players, transformers and turntable power supplies, for example.
Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse – A Mouse With Stealth Agility
In the past Logitech has made a bit of a fuss about the surface materials used in its gaming keyboards and mice, such as a hydrophobic coating on the palm area, which the company claims helps prevent players’ hands from sticking.
The Mini Test - How Many Ways Are There To Clean A Stylus? (Part 2)
The zerodust users a specially developed ultra-soft polymer ‘bubble’ that envelopes the stylus tip when it is placed on the surface of the cleaner. The polymer is said to be softer than a baby’s skin and 15 times more elastic!
The Mini Test - How Many Ways Are There To Clean A Stylus? (Part 1)
One of the best ways of removing dirt from a stylus is to use something that the dust and dirt will adhere to, in preference to the stylus. This turquoise-colored putty is essentially similar to a product used by jewelers to clean watch parts and diamonds. It is completely non-corrosive and there are no fluids to damage the bond between diamond and cantilever.
The Chord Collection Of Sci-Fi Hi-Fi (Part 3) - Components
A moving coil phono stage that offers the option to run it fully balanced from input to output as well as a considerable choice of loading and impedance options, shown via LED’s in the viewing windows.
The Chord Collection Of Sci-Fi Hi-Fi (Part 2)
This is not a system that will play in the background while you attend to other tasks. It is never bright or forward, but it demands your full attention from the outset. The way it handles vocals is simply stunning. Every line is delivered with urgency – whoever the performer may be – and it is distracting in the very best possible way.
The Chord Collection Of Sci-Fi Hi-Fi (Part 1)
This extraordinary collection of electronics – half hi-fi system, half art installation – is a Chord Electronics Choral system, but one that differs from the norm (if anything that hails from Chord can ever be described as normal), as it was built for a specific reason. This very system has been used to provide some suitable sonic for the Bugatti showroom in London.
The Final Results Impressive Integrated Amplifiers Test (Part 2)
The Cambridge proved a very happy musical partner with the Creek and the flexibility of UPnP and digital inputs in one box would make for a very capable system indeed and the Cambridge even comes with a set of XLR connections for the Creek to use.
The Final Results Impressive Integrated Amplifiers Test (Part 1)
All six amps have some very worthwhile features, but in terms of all-round ability there are winners and losers. The Rotel RA-12 is amazingly well equipped for the asking price, which is the lowest in the group. The slightly strained performance with some material and the indifferent ergonomics do count against it somewhat.
The Goodmans SCD100 Vintage Cassette (Part 2)
These machines work well with basic ferric tapes (TDK D, AD, BASF LH-E1 etc.) with the selector switches set to ‘norm’ and with true-chrome tapes like BASF CR-II in the ‘CrO2’ position.
The Goodmans SCD100 Vintage Cassette (Part 1)
Depending on when you first took an interest in audio, Goodmans was either a well-respected manufacturer of loudspeakers that served the middle of the hi-fi market, or a catalogue shop brand attached to an indifferent range of lo-fimidi systems, portables and TVs.
PSB Imagine T: Canadian Rockies (Part 2)
The Imagine creates a similar sense of space and depth on much smaller-scale music, for example, that of the acoustic roots power-trio Vivid Curve playing on their magnificent Live at Edgefield recording.
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