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What's the Future of Digital Photography? (part 1) - OM-D E-M1 for professionals, PEN E-P5 for pen lovers
The flagship OM-D E-M1 features a new Dual Fast AF combining an 81-point Contrast AF and 37-point On-chip Phase detection AF for ultra-quick focusing.
Best-In-Class Projectors To Match Every Need And Venue (part 2) - NEC UM330W, NEC M311W, NEC M300WS
Just because you don't have a boardroom doesn't mean you can't have an advanced projection setup. The NEC UM330W is an ultra short throw projector with big features and can be mounted to further save space.
Best-In-Class Projectors To Match Every Need And Venue (part 1) - NEC PX700W, NEC P451W
The new NEC PX700W offers WXGA resolutions with a high 7000 ANSI lumens brightness designed specifically for large venues. It can project screen sizes from 40- to 500-inches with a 16:10 aspect ratio, and features a two-light lamp system to ensure clear images even onto large screens.
The Future Of The Web (Part 4)
The release of a new version of a browser used to be a notable event. New releases only came along every couple of years, and usually included plenty of new features or a fresh design. Now, most browser companies issue rolling updates, with new features being continually added to the browser, which is updated automatically, often without the use even noticing.
The Future Of The Web (Part 3)
Today, there’s a big distinction between the power and performance of web apps that you access through your browser (such as Google Docs), and full-blown Desktop applications that are installed and run on your PC (such as Microsoft Office). That distinction could be eroded by Native Client, an initiative that allows apps coded for the Desktop to run inside a browser.
The Future Of The Web (Part 2)
The web is at its most powerful when it works automatically on your behalf. We’re only at the very beginning of what automated internet services will do for us, as we move into the era of what’s being called the Internet of Things. This is where every device – no matter how mundane – is connected to the internet.
The Future Of The Web (Part 1)
The web is a rapidly changing environment. Only a few years ago, technologies such as Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight were the standard means of creating and displaying online videos and animations, and looked set to remain comfortable in their supremacy for the near future. But both are now being gradually phased out as the web progresses to an era where you won’t need plug-ins to watch videos, listen to music or hold conversations with your friends and family.
APC Back-UPS – Computer Power Protection
Whether DVRing your favorite show, updating your Facebook status, or playing a live network game, you depend on your home electronics every day, all day. That’s why APC by Schneider Electric™ has designed battery backup solutions that protect the constant availability and connectivity you expect... and depend on.
Devolo dLan 500 Wi-Fi Network Kit
HomePlugs use the electrical cables in your walls to transfer data, which makes them a tidy and effective way to network your house. And unlike Wi-Fi, they aren’t affected by solid walls and doors. But if you still need Wi-Fi, you’ll need more than traditional HomePlugs with Ethernet connections.
Fitness Trackers Still Need To Work Out A Few Kinks
My favorite of the three, the Up 24 blends function and style. Beyond being the most fashionable of the trackers I tried, it was the most full-featured and had the most user-friendly app. The single button on one end of the band shows you how much power the device has and lets it start or stop tracking your sleep.
Swann SWDVK-41501B - A Security-Video Recording Kit
The Swann SWDVK- 41501B is a security-video recording kit made up of a DVR4-1500 digital video recorder and a Pro-510 camera. The kit lets you record up to four channels of video to the built-in 320GB hard drive, so you can view it whenever you like using the DVR4- 1500’s main interface, on a computer or a mobile device such as an iPad or Android smartphone.
Best New Beauty Products For January 2014 (Part 5) - Bluelounge Kii - Lightning in your pocket
Unless you're in dire need of power, it's easy to forget something like a charging/data-transfer cable when you leave the house. Fortunately, Bluelounge's Kii makes it even easier to always be prepared - assuming you have access to the appropriate USB ports, that is.
Best New Beauty Products For January 2014 (Part 4) - Gizmoo G-Clean Micro Gel Cleaner, TT Esports Level 10M Gaming Headset
While it sometimes feels like BMW design is the only company really making money from the PC industry, one can't help but respect the company for the design work it has done for various manufacturers in recent years.
Best New Beauty Products For January 2014 (Part 3) - Sennheiser G4ME Zero, Billion Bipac 7800NXL
The 7800NXL bears all the hallmarks of this, supporting a raft of connection options, from USB-mounted 3G/4G dongles, cable/fiber connections through a gigabit WAN port, and a built in ADSL 2+ modem.
Best New Beauty Products For January 2014 (Part 2) - TT Esports Poseidon, Steelseries Siberia Elite
As keyboards seem to increase in size with each new generation, it is nice to see models that deliberately attempt to stay svelt. The Poseidon is barely larger than a standard keyboard layout, with no curvy bits of plastic or rows of macro keys to make it a struggle to keep on one's desk.
Best New Beauty Products For January 2014 (Part 1) - Roccat Ryos MK Pro, Cooler Master Nepton 280L
Most closed loop water coolers have traditionally been rebranded products made by Asetek or Coolit, but finally we are seeing products designed in-house. Such is the case with this new model from Cooler Master, a dual slot radiator unit designed to mount on both AMD and Intel CPUs .
The Basis for Better Fitness (Part 2)
With Basis, you have two options for uploading data: wireless syncing via Bluetooth to the iOS or Android app, or connecting the watch to your computer with the included USB cord. The same USB cable used for syncing doubles as the charger.
The Basis for Better Fitness (Part 1)
When I first got my hands on the Basis B1 Band fitness watch, I was floored by how much information the activity tracker captures. It continuously gauged my heart rate, and measured my skin temperature and perspiration (all helpful in estimating calorie burn).
Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid - The Perfect Multi-Touch Pen Tablet
Wacom's Cintiq Companion Hybrid has just about everything you could want from both a drawing tablet and a modern Android slate. There's a generous, widescreen, 13-inch multi-touch display with 1920x1080 resolutions. It runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
4K - The New 3D In Other Words (Part 3)
If you’re looking for a monitor, the situation is better: The most recent generations of video cards from both AMD and Nvidia support 4K output, so you can at least run Windows and other programs on more real estate than you probably ever thought possible.
4K - The New 3D In Other Words (Part 2)
Computer users have been able to operate their systems at resolutions considerably higher than those found on HDTVs for years now, and displays are keeping right up with the 4K trend. But just as with TVs, you’ll pay dearly for the privilege of pushing all those pixels - at least right now.
4K - The New 3D In Other Words (Part 1)
From HDTVs to computer monitors and beyond, 4K display technology is finally hitting the mainstream. But this exciting innovation still faces a couple of big barriers.
WD My Cloud 2TB - An External Hard Drive System
WD's new network-attached storage unit is an attempt to tap into the newfound consumer enthusiasm about cloud computing or, in other words, storing stuff online. But instead of storing your files on the Internet, WD's My Cloud is a local networked repository for your content, so you can access it from your Mac as well as your iPad or iPhone, using free WD My Cloud apps.
Capo 3 - It's Time To Tackle “Freebird”
If guitarists are only as good as the songs they know, then Capo 3 can help you become even better. This app doesn't teach you how to play the guitar, but if you know the basics, Capo makes learning your favorite songs a whole lot easier.
Intensify Pro - Make Images Pop Without Bursting Your Wallet
Ever wonder what makes the work of professional photographers stand out? Talent and years of experience aside, sometimes it boils down to knowing how to make images look their best - a feat now made easier with Intensify Pro.
Word Wired Web - Explore How Technology And Language Interact (part 2)
More and more research groups are treading a new path to process large volumes of data: they are making use of Facebook users. The scientists have programmed games, in which the gamers would edit scientific data.
Word Wired Web - Explore How Technology And Language Interact (part 1)
If Microsoft has its way, users will be able to make 3D calls via Skype in the future. All you need for this is a 3D screen and two cameras. According to Microsoft, many users already have 3D screens.
The Newest Gear You'll Want To Own (Part 5) - Optrix iPhone 5 XD5 Action Sports, Fast Find Ranger PLB
Outdoor enthusiasts can now take along their iPhone 5 handsets without fear of ruining them, thanks to Optrix's iPhone 5 XD5 Action Sports case. Waterproof to a depth of 10 m, it features a monocoque design that's virtually indestructible.
The Newest Gear You'll Want To Own (Part 4) - Hisense 213 CM UHD TV, Ogio Rig 9800 Rolling Luggage Bag
Hisense's new 213 cm (84-inch) UHD TV - the largest consumer telly to be produced locally - features 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) technology that packs in four times the number of pixels into the same screen size as traditional 1080p HDTVs.
The Newest Gear You'll Want To Own (Part 3) - Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Thecus N4800ECO 4-Bay NAS
Samsung's Galaxy S4 is a great device, but some people think the phone is slightly too big for comfort. Enter its little cousin, the Galaxy S4 Mini. Featuring a 10,9 cm qHD Super AMOLED display, this 107 g beauty fits neatly into your hand.
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