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Microsoft Word 2010 : Customizing Word - Linking and Embedding Files

10/10/2011 8:57:30 AM
Embedding inserts a copy of one document into another. When data is embedded, you can edit it using the menus and toolbars of the program in which it was created (that is, the source program). Linking displays information stored in one document (the source file) into another (the destination file). You can edit the linked object from either file, although changes are stored in the source file. For example, you might link an Excel chart or a PowerPoint slide to a Word document so you can update the chart or slide from any of the files. If you break the link between a linked object and its source file, the object becomes embedded. You can use the Object button on the Insert tab to modify a link.

Create a Link to Another File Using Paste Special

Open the source file and any files containing information you want to link.

Select the information in the source file.

Click the Home tab.

Click the Copy button.

Click the insertion point in the file containing the link.

Click the Paste button arrow, and then click Paste Special.

Click the Paste Link option, and then select the object format you want to use.

Click OK.

You can edit an embedded object. Edit an embedded object only if the program that created it is installed.

You can manually update or break an object link.
Right-click the linked object, and then click Update Link or point to Linked <Item> Object, click Links, click the link you want to update, and then click Manual Update. To break a link, click Break Link.

Embed a New Object

Click the Insert tab.

Click the Insert Object button.

Click the Create New tab.

Click the object type you want to insert.

Click OK.

Follow the necessary steps to insert the object.

The steps will vary depending on the object type.

Embed or Link to an Existing Object

Click the Insert tab.

Click the Insert Object button.

Click the Create from File tab.

Click Browse, locate and select the file that you want to link, and then click Open.

To create a link to the object, select the Link to file check box.

Click OK.

You can update links each time you open a linked document. When you open a document that contains links, a warning dialog box opens asking you if you want to update all linked information (click Yes) or to keep the existing information (click No).
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