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QuarkXPress 8 : Special effects for pictures - Exporting modified pictures, Managing imported pictures
It’s important to understand that when you import a picture into a layout, the picture file is not saved as part of the QuarkXPress project file. Instead, QuarkXPress saves the location of the picture file with the project file and uses the original file for onscreen display and printing.
QuarkXPress 8 : Special effects for pictures - Making adjustments, Applying filters
The 12 commands in the Filters layer let you change the appearance of a picture based on value differences within the picture. For example, the Unsharp Mask filter increases the contrast where relatively light areas meet relatively dark areas.
QuarkXPress 8 : Pictures - Working with Photoshop files
When a native Photoshop picture is selected (you can use either the Item tool or the Picture Content tool to select), the controls in the three panes of the PSD Import palette let you manipulate the picture’s layers, channels, and paths.
QuarkXPress 8 : Pictures - Cropping, positioning, and scaling
If you want to print only part of a picture, you have the option of cropping the graphic file using an image-editing program. But an easier option—and one that doesn’t actually delete anything from the original graphic file—is to crop imported pictures within QuarkXPress.
QuarkXPress 8 : Editing text - Dragging and dropping text
When Drag and Drop Text is enabled, you can select text and drag it to a new location with the mouse—basically another way to cut and paste text. To do this, click on the selected text, drag the text insertion point to a new location, and release the mouse button.
QuarkXPress 8 : Modifying text boxes
QuarkXPress gives you precise control over how text is positioned within a box, including the number of columns in the box, how far text is inset from the edges of the box, whether text is rotated within the box, and more.
QuarkXPress 8 : Flowing text - Using the automatic text box
QuarkXPress provides two ways to flow text through text boxes and pages—using the automatic text box or linking boxes manually. The text in a series of linked boxes is referred to as a story, and you can perform operations such as spell check and search and replace on a story rather than an entire layout.
QuarkXPress 8 : Importing and entering text
You cannot currently import text from Word 2007 (.docx format). To import these files into QuarkXPress, save them from Microsoft Word in Word 97 format .
QuarkXPress 8 : Combining type and graphics
Interesting layouts usually feature a combination of type and graphics, including text wraps, anchored items that flow with text, rules (lines) above and below paragraphs, and text converted to boxes.
QuarkXPress 8 : Fine-tuning typography
Many fonts contain far more characters than you can see on the keyboard, including bullets, accented characters, the euro symbol, and much more. In fact, many characters come in more than one shape, such as multiple variations on the ampersand symbol.
QuarkXPress 8 : Fine-tuning spacing (part 2)
QuarkXPress lets you adjust the amount of space between two characters with kerning and between a range of selected characters with tracking. Kerning is often used to remove space between particular character pairs, particularly in larger font sizes.
QuarkXPress 8 : Fine-tuning spacing (part 1) - Specifying hyphenation and justification
A distinguishing factor of good typography is expert spacing, with no gaps in justified text, a smooth edge on left-aligned paragraphs, no awkward hyphens or line breaks, no large gaps between letters, and more.
QuarkXPress 8 : Working with style sheets
If you bold words within a paragraph, you might use a character style sheet. When you use style sheets, you can easily make global changes across a project by revising style sheets rather than manually reformatting text.
QuarkXPress 8 : Typography - Working with tabs
In general, use a first line indent to indent the first line of a paragraph rather than entering a tab. Each tab has to be entered manually, but you can apply a first line indent through a paragraph style sheet, which saves time and ensures consistency.
QuarkXPress 8 : Typography - Formatting characters and paragraphs
In addition to familiar controls such as font, size, color, and type style, QuarkXPress offers character attributes such as opacity and scaling. Other special effects for text are box based, such as the ability to skew or flip all the text in a box.
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