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Microsoft Access 2010 : Control Properties and Why to Use Them (part 3) - The Other Properties of a Control
The Other properties of a control are properties that did not fit neatly into any other category.
Microsoft Access 2010 : Control Properties and Why to Use Them (part 2) - The Data Properties of a Control
Whereas Format properties affect the appearance of the control, Data properties affect the data that displays in the control. In this section, we explore the various Data properties.
Microsoft Access 2010 : Control Properties and Why to Use Them (part 1) - The Format Properties of a Control
Available control properties vary quite a bit, depending on the type of control. The following sections cover the most common properties. To view the properties of a control, select the control, and then open the Properties window.
Microsoft Access 2010 : Form Properties and Why Should You Use Them - Working with the Properties Window
Forms have many properties that you can use to affect their look and behavior. The properties are broken down into categories: Format, Data, Event, and Other.
Microsoft Visio 2013 : Using the Organization Chart Wizard with new data
In this exercise, you’ll use the Organization Chart Wizard to create an Excel workbook into which you’ll enter your organization data.
Microsoft Visio 2013 : Adding photos and changing styles in org charts
In this exercise, you’ll create an org chart using data from Excel and will import photographs at the same time.
Microsoft Visio 2013 : Altering org chart layout and appearance
Whether you create an organization chart manually or automatically using the wizard, you might want to modify the appearance and attributes of the org chart shapes after they’re on the page.
Microsoft Visio 2013 : Using the Organization Chart Wizard with existing data
The primary reason to store data in org chart shapes is so you can run reports or use the data in other ways without the need to revert to your original data source.
FPPT Provides More Than 2000 Free And Attractive PowerPoint Templates
PowerPoint has always been famous for its large range of customization options for creating presentations, including the selection of default and third-party templates.
How To Add A New Account in MS Outlook 2013
While adding an initial account is simple enough due to the wizard that displays after Outlook is launched for the first time, adding new accounts can be a bit confusing
How To Activate Microsoft Office 2013
Due to the various changes made to the latest MS Office 2013 suite, the activation method has also been slightly altered
How To Install Actual Facebook App On Kindle Fire
The so called Facebook app with Kindle Fire has probably disappointed a lot of Kindle users, as it is just a link to
How To Create, View And Edit Microsoft Office Files On Kindle Fire
If you are looking to view, create and edit Microsoft Office files on Kindle Fire, then here are a few methods to help make your Amazon tablet Office ready.
Download Attractive Business PowerPoint Templates For Free At SlideHunter
Creating attention grabbing presentations is not an easy task, however MS PowerPoint templates can make this task easier.
How To Get Microsoft Office 2013 Trial Product Key From Microsoft
As we all know Microsoft Office 2013 has been released and the final version is now available for download, which is being widely downloaded on a 60-day trial basis
Download Microsoft Office 2013 Free Trial
The final build of Microsoft Office 2013 has now been released by Microsoft and you can download the Microsoft Office 2013 free trial version.
Microsoft Project 2010 : Entering Tracking Information at the Task Level (part 3)
This field enables you to display and enter the amount of task duration that has been used so far in the project. If you enter a value less than the total scheduled duration,
Microsoft Project 2010 : Entering Tracking Information at the Task Level (part 2) - Editing the Task Actual Start Date
The Task Type conditions you select from the Task Information settings can affect all the tracking fields. Fixed Work, Fixed Duration, and Fixed Units tasks behave differently to data edit changes, so make sure you consider the task type settings as you update tracking data.
Microsoft Project 2010 : Entering Tracking Information at the Task Level (part 1)
Covers of this section how to employ to detect fields on the level of task to update the statute of task. It is how you would write progress manually, if you choose to employ this method.
Microsoft Project 2010 : Tracking Your Project’s Performance and Costs - Understanding the Fields Used in Updating the Project Schedule
The key with the progress of advance of your project is feedback which you obtain your resources about their progress and then to write this information in your project
Microsoft Project 2010 : Tracking Your Project Progress - Working with Project Baselines (part 2) - Using Usage Views to Show Time-Phased Details
The Task Usage view displays tasks with each resource assigned within individual rows below the task. The Resource Usage view simply inverts the data, showing resources with a list of task assignments for each resource.
Microsoft Project 2010 : Tracking Your Project Progress - Working with Project Baselines (part 1) - Viewing Baselines
The principal thing to remember when preparing to the base line your project is that neither the project nor the base line is crowned.
Microsoft Project 2010 : Performing a Schedule Reality Check - Baselining the Schedule
One of the last steps in preparing your project for execution is baselining it. A baseline represents a snapshot of all the planned data as it was outlined within the contract and approved by project stakeholders.
Microsoft Visio 2010 : Adding Sophistication to Your Drawings - Working with background pages and borders
You can create background pages manually and assign them to selected foreground pages. You can also take advantage of several Visio features that automatically create and assign background pages.
Microsoft Visio 2013 : Adding Sophistication to Your Drawings - Managing pages and page setup
A Visio drawing can contain any number of pages, and each page can have its own dimensions, measurement units, and other characteristics. In addition, the on-screen drawing page can have different dimensions from the physical printer page.
Microsoft Excel 2013 : Checking Compatibility - Check Workbook Compatibility
The Compatibility Checker identifies the potential loss of functionality when you save an Excel workbook in the Excel 97-2003 Workbook file format
Microsoft Excel 2013 : Working with Accounts - Work with Online Accounts, Add Online Services
When you set up Excel 2013 or Office 2013, it requests a Microsoft account to work with online services, such as SkyDrive or SharePoint.
Microsoft Excel 2013 : Saving a Workbook to Online Services - Save a Workbook to Online Storage
Excel 2013 is integrated to function with on-line services (new!) to facilitate it to save and open workbook on other devices and to divide them with others.
Microsoft Excel 2013 : Saving a Workbook with Different Formats - Save a Workbook with Another Format
Excel is a flexible electronic table which allows you to save your book in a great choice of different format-see the table in the following page for a complete listing and a description.
Microsoft Excel 2013 : Saving a Workbook (part 2) - Save an Excel 97-2003 Workbook
You can access options from the Save dialog box. In the Save dialog box, click Tools, and then click the option you want, either General Options, Web Options, or Compress Pictures.
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