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Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 : Creating a Data List component (part 2) - Convert the sample record into a Data List component & Define the repeated item

11/8/2011 5:11:45 PM
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Convert the sample record into a Data List component

With the parts of a data list arranged in the artboard, the next step is to select them and convert the individual parts into a new Data List component. If your data list includes a scroll bar, make sure to include it in the selection.

Make sure the artwork you imported in the previous task is still selected.

Hold down Shift and click the scroll bar to add it to the selection.

In the HUD, convert the artwork to a Data List component.

A message in the HUD informs you that to make the data list work correctly, you need to assign its parts. You need to tell it which parts to use as the repeated item.

Define the repeated item

Every Data List component must include a master item called the repeated item. The repeated item is a template that defines the appearance of every item or record in the list, including its Normal, Over, and Selected states.

Changes applied to the repeated item template are applied to every item in the list automatically at runtime. For example, if you change the opacity of an image in the Over state of the repeated item, this change applies to every record. Keep in mind that your application might display thousands of records. It’s a huge time-saver and guarantees a consistent look across all records.

In the HUD, click Edit Parts to edit the data list in Edit-In-Place mode.


When a component is in Edit-In-Place mode, you can drag to select its parts without selecting other objects in the artboard. You can also choose Edit > Select All and only objects in the component you’re editing are selected.

Select all five parts of the sample review record, including the round image, the line, the stars, and both lines of text. Do not select the scroll bar.

In the Convert To Data List Part section of the HUD, click Choose Part and select Repeated Item.

The artwork is turned into a repeated item. By default, the repeated item is arranged vertically in the data list. If it doesn’t fit perfectly in the designed space, you can resize it. You’ll do that next.

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