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Windows Phone 7 : Building 2D Games with the XNA Framework - AlienShooter Game Play (part 3) - Enemy Class
You will want to play on a real device to get a full sense of the game, but as you can see in Figure 5, the aliens strike different drop lines and fall fairly randomly for such little code. The animation code helps to keep things lively as well.
Windows Phone 7 : Building 2D Games with the XNA Framework - AlienShooter Game Play (part 2) - Game Object Class
We create a class named GameObject to be our base class for game assets, which includes the hero ship, the missiles, and the alien ships. The GameObject class handles the animation, Update, and Drawing for each object. We copied over the assets and sprite sheet logic from the SpriteAnimation sample project.
Windows Phone 7 : Building 2D Games with the XNA Framework - AlienShooter Game Play (part 1) - Sprite Animation
In this section we cover spite animation, which is the technique that brings a 2D game to life. Sprite Animation is a matter of showing frames or individual sprites at set intervals to give the illusion of motion, no different than flipping a drawing book that has pictures of a stick man running.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Connect as a Tethered Modem (part 3) - Using Desktop Manager for Mac
Many carriers will allow you to turn on and off this extra service. Say you were taking a trip and needed to use the modem feature for three weeks. Your carrier may allow you to do and then turn it off again when you return home.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Connect as a Tethered Modem (part 2) - Using Desktop Manager for Windows
First, you should be sure to contact your carrier to see if you can use Desktop Manager's IP Modem feature. If their answer is yes, follow these steps to edit the ip_modem_configuration.xml file. If your carrier says no, following these steps will likely not work; please use the software recommended by your carrier.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Connect as a Tethered Modem (part 1) - Understanding the Options for Tethering
Depending on your wireless carrier (phone company) and the type of software you use, you should be able to use your BlackBerry to connect your laptop (PC or Mac) to the Internet.
Android 3 : Employing Basic Widgets - Fleeting Images, Fields of Green...or Other Colors
Android has two widgets to help you embed images in your activities: ImageView and ImageButton. As the names suggest, they are image-based analogues to TextView and Button, respectively.
Android 3 : Employing Basic Widgets - Assigning Labels
The simplest widget is the label, referred to in Android as a TextView. As in most GUI toolkits, labels are bits of text that can't be edited directly by users. Typically, labels are used to identify adjacent widgets .
Symbian OS : Security - Buckle
One possible way to achieve this is by having a configuration file that allows new settings to be specified after a component has been released. However, this is normally quite restrictive and so a mechanism by which additional code can be plugged in is needed.
Symbian OS : Security - Secure Agent
You are developing an application or service which includes functionality requiring high security privileges together with a similar or greater proportion of functionality which can run with lesser or no security privileges.
iOS SDK : Application Settings - The Settings Bundle (part 4) - PSSliderSpecifier, PSChildPaneSpecifier
The PSChildPaneSpecifier is for specifying a child pane in the Settings application. You define the settings in this pane in a separate .plist file. Table 6 summarizes PSChildSpecifier’s settings.
iOS SDK : Application Settings - The Settings Bundle (part 3) - PSMultiValueSpecifier
The PSMultiValueSpecifier is for selecting one of many alternative choices. Table 3 summarizes the PSMultiValueSpecifier’s settings. Note that you create entries below the Values and Titles settings for each value and for each title.
iOS SDK : Application Settings - The Settings Bundle (part 2) - Settings Field Types
You add preferences to the settings bundle through Root.plist. The different settings display differently in the Settings application. Possible values for settings are PSTextFieldSpecifier, PSTitleValueSpecifier, PSToggleSwitchSpecifier, PSMultiValueSpecifier, PSGroupSpecifier, and PSChildPaneSpecifier.
iOS SDK : Application Settings - The Settings Bundle (part 1)
An application’s preferences are stored in an Extended Markup Language (XML) file called Root.plist. Root.plist is stored in a bundle called Settings.bundle. A settings bundle is not automatically added to your project, and so you must add it to your application if you want to use the Settings application.
Ipad : Your Calendar - Calendar Options - Changing the Default Calendar
You can choose your time zone. This setting should reflect your Home settings from when you set up your iPad. If you are traveling, however, and want to adjust your appointments for a different time zone, you can change this to any other city you would like.
Ipad : Your Calendar - Editing Appointments, Meeting Invitations
For those who use Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook or Entourage regularly, meeting invitations become a way of life. You receive a meeting invitation in your e-mail, you accept the invitation, and then the appointment gets automatically placed in your calendar.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Email Set Up - BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
If you work at an organization that uses a Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Windows Small Business Server, then you can now acquire the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Express software for free.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Email Set Up - Set Up or Adjust Email Accounts from Your Computer
You can also set up your personal email accounts from your computer using your carrier's web site. You also might notice that when you send an email from the BlackBerry, the signature is something very basic, such as Sent from BlackBerry Device via T-Mobile, or Sent from AT&T Wireless, depending on your carrier.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Email Set Up - Troubleshooting Your Email Accounts
If you download your email messages to your computer using an email program such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or similar, and you use BlackBerry Internet Service on your BlackBerry for Email, then you need to turn on a specific setting in your computer's email program.
Windows Phone 7 : Building 2D Games with the XNA Framework (part 2) - AlienShooter Game Structure
When you create a new XNA project, it always creates two projects, one project for your game and the other for your content. The Content project provides compile-time processing for game assets, including detecting missing assets, asset conversion, compression, and pre-processing. The key component to the Content project is the Content Pipeline.
Windows Phone 7 : Building 2D Games with the XNA Framework (part 1)
This section covers how to add the game management and screens to the AlienShooter sample project. The best way to start creating a "real" game is to base it on the Game State Management sample, which includes a main menu, an options screen, some gameplay, and a pause menu.
Android Application Development : Signing and Publishing Your Application (part 2)
If you’re familiar with other mobile development environments (J2ME, Symbian, BREW, etc.), you’re probably an old hand at signing applications. But if you’re new to developing mobile applications, you may be asking yourself what all this signing stuff is for, anyway.
Android Application Development : Signing and Publishing Your Application (part 1)
You’ve probably been developing your application using the Android Emulator that is part of the Android Developers Kit. If you haven’t already done so, take the time to load your application on a real Android device (such as the T-Mobile G1 phone), and test the application again.
iPhone Developer : Assembling Views and Animations - View Hierarchies
A tree-based hierarchy orders what you see on your iPhone screen. Starting with the main window, views are laid out in a specifically hierarchical way. All views may have children, called subviews.
iPhone Developer : Creating an “Online” GameKit Connection
You create this two-item dialog by supplying the online option to the peer picker mask. In all other ways, there’s no change in how you create and present a standard GameKit peer picker controller.
Java ME on Symbian OS : Handling Transitions Between Foreground and Background
Since Symbian OS is a multitasking operating system, the Application Management Software (AMS) can move your MIDlet to the background to allow another application to execute concurrently. After a while, your MIDlet may then be sent back to the foreground.
Java ME on Symbian OS : Handling JSR Fragmentation
Fragmentation of JSRs is a problematic issue in Java ME, in general: your application requires a certain JSR for its functionality, yet that JSR is not supported on the target device.
IPad : Using Popular and Critical Apps - Using Bento
When you want to keep track of more than just contacts and events on your iPad, you can use Bento for iPad to create and maintain a database on your iPad. You can even sync it to your Mac if you have Bento for Mac.
IPad : Using Popular and Critical Apps - Using iTap VNC
Your iPad can be a window to your Mac or PC. By using Virtual Network Computing (VNC) technology, you can control your computer just like it was sitting in front of you (except you can’t hear the sound output).
BlackBerry Development : Pushing Data to Internal Users - Browser Push
The BlackBerry browser is a supported target for pushed data. A typical browser (be it desktop or mobile) is normally used to request pages or content from a server, review the content, and submit information back to a server. It is a simple process.
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