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iphone Programming : Handling Data - Parsing XML
The two widely used methods for parsing an XML document are SAX and DOM. A SAX (Simple API for XML) parser is event-driven. It reads the XML document incrementally and calls a delegate method whenever it recognizes a token.
iphone Programming : Handling Data - Data Entry
The Cocoa Touch framework offers a number of UI elements, ranging from text entry fields to switches and segmented controls. Any of these can be used for data entry, but often when we talk about data entry we’re talking about getting textual information into an application.
The BlackBerry Mobile Data System : Configuring MDS
You can use some special configuration settings to help you better troubleshoot your applications and allow you to verify the identity of a BlackBerry application user without having to prompt the user for credentials.
The BlackBerry Mobile Data System : Knowing That Your Data Is Being Securely Transmitted, Using the BlackBerry MDS Simulator
The BlackBerry MDS simulator provides developers with a local copy of the BlackBerry MDS service the BlackBerry device simulators can use to connect to local and network resources.
Windows Phone 7 Advanced Programming Model : Microsoft Push Notification Services
In this section we cover how Microsoft push notifications work, when to use notifications, and how to add push notifications to your application. First we start with an overview of how Microsoft push Notifications work.
Windows Phone 7 Advanced Programming Model : Building a music+videos Hub Application
Applications that play music or video can integrate more deeply into the Windows Phone 7 user experience. This helps to provide consistent quick access to content for the end user, while also allowing your application to surface content and the application itself within the music+videos hub in addition to the App List.
Android : Using Selection Widgets - Spin Control
In Android, the Spinner is the equivalent of the drop-down selector you might find in other toolkits (e.g., JComboBox in Java/Swing). Pressing the center button on the D-pad pops up a selection dialog box from which the user can choose an item.
Android : Using Selection Widgets - Adapting to the Circumstances, Lists of Naughty and Nice
The classic list box widget in Android is known as ListView. Include one of these in your layout, invoke setAdapter() to supply your data and child views, and attach a listener via setOnItemSelectedListener() to find out when the selection has changed. With that, you have a fully functioning list box.
Iphone Application : Implementing Location Services - Understanding the Magnetic Compass (part 2) - Requesting and Using Heading Updates
For each heading update our delegate receives, use the user’s current location to calculate the heading to Cupertino, then compare the desired heading to the user’s current heading, and finally display the correct arrow image: left, right, or straight ahead.
Iphone Application : Implementing Location Services - Understanding the Magnetic Compass (part 1)
The iPhone 3GS was the first iOS device to include a magnetic compass. Since its introduction, the compass has been added to the iPad and the iPhone 4. It is used in Apple’s Compass application and in the Maps application (to orient the map to the direction you are facing).
IPad : Arranging Apps Using iTunes, Finding Good Apps
A better way to arrange your apps is to use iTunes. You can not only move the apps around on the pages, but you can also clearly see which ones get synced to your iPad and which ones are merely archives on your computer.
Arranging Apps on Your iPad
If you sync your iPad to iTunes on a computer, you do not delete apps forever. All apps remain in your iTunes library on your computer unless you remove them from there. So you can get rid of the app from your iPad and find it is still on your computer if you want to select it to sync back to your iPad.
Mobile Web Development with WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal : WEB AND MOBILE WEB EVOLUTION
As a web developer, this continuous change is always good news, because the potential to use new features and the performance of more powerful devices increasingly allows you to be as creative as you can be with state-of-the-art web technologies.
Mobile Web Development with WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal : HOW DEVICES ARE CHANGING
With mobile devices, things are no different — although the pace of change is almost certainly far more rapid than in the automotive industry! Groundbreaking features in high-end phones (for example, the accelerometer hardware in the original iPhone) are found broadly across the mass-market a few years after their initial development.
Windows Phone 8 : XAML Overview - Visual Grammar
XAML gives you the ability to draw shapes and colors on the surface of the phone itself. While you might not imagine doing much actual drawing, it is important for you to understand how creating a design with the drawing primitives is important to the overall XAML story.
Windows Phone 8 : XAML Overview - Visual Containers
The purpose of these containers is to allow other elements to be laid out in particular ways on the visual surface of XAML. The containers themselves typically don’t have any user interface but simply are used to determine how different XAML elements are arranged on the screen.
iPhone SDK 3 : Objective-C and Cocoa - Classes
In object-oriented languages, an object encapsulates attributes and provides methods. These methods can be used by the outside world (i.e., other objects) to change the object's state as well as to interact with the object. All this can be achieved without opening the actual implementation of the object's behavior to the outside world.
iPhone SDK 3 : Creating Interfaces
All iPhone apps have windows (usually one.) A window is a specialized view that is used to host other views. A view is a rectangle piece of real-estate on the 320 × 480 iPhone screen. You can draw in a view, animate a view by flipping it, and you can receive multi-touch events on it.
IPad : Your Calendar - Manage Your Busy Life on Your iPad
The Calendar app is a powerful and easy to use application that helps you manage your appointments, keep track of what you have to do, set reminder alarms, and even create and respong to meeting invitations (for Exchange users).
IPad : Working with Contacts - Showing Your Contacts Addresses on the Map, Changing your Contact Sort Order and Display Order
One of the great things about the iPad is its integration with Google Maps. This is very evident in the Contacts app. Let's say you want to map the home or work address of any contact in your address book.
BlackBerry Development : The BlackBerry Mobile Data System - MDS Components, MDS Functions
Components of MDS-CS optimize any data before sending it to the requesting application. This data optimization is important because it reduces the amount of work a BlackBerry device must do to receive and process the data.
BlackBerry Development : The BlackBerry Mobile Data System - The BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry MDS Overview
MDS is a component of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), so before we dig into MDS, let’s talk about the BES. The BES is a server solution that sits inside an organization’s firewall and provides a secure conduit for the exchange of mail and Personal Information Manager (PIM) data between BlackBerry devices and the organization’s mail server.
Enter Java ME on Symbian OS : Exposing the Power of Symbian OS
Because Symbian OS is such a powerful host, it has some capabilities that are not common on the majority of feature-phone Java ME platforms. Symbian OS is a powerful native platform and Java ME exposes that power through standard Java ME APIs.
Enter Java ME on Symbian OS : Proprietary JAD Attributes, Computing Capabilities of Java ME on Symbian OS
Unlike many feature phones, Java ME on Symbian OS provides Java applications with an execution environment that has no fixed limit on Java computing resources. Developers can focus on the main task of their application rather than on managing resource utilization and working around various computing constraints.
iphone Programming : Distributing Your Application - Submitting to the App Store, Reasons for Rejection
The App Store review process is somewhat opaque, but generally, if your application is rejected, the review team will cite the specific section of the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement that it violates in the rejection email. If you’re careful, you can avoid most of the common pitfalls and save yourself, and the review team, a lot of time.
iphone Programming : Distributing Your Application - Building and Signing
If you want to distribute your application to end users, you’ll need to return to the Developer Portal, generate a different set of profiles, and rebuild your application, signing it this time with your new distribution profile rather than the development profile you have used thus far.
Windows Phone 7 Advanced Programming Model : Working with Video and Audio Media
Windows Phone 7 third-party applications cannot add media to the Media Library but third-party applications can add content to Isolated Storage in addition to playing video and audio content in memory.
Windows Phone 7 Advanced Programming Model : Building a Photo Extras Application
Developers always ask about ways to integrate with the underlying platform. This is especially true for a mobile device where mobile devices users want to perform actions with as little effort as possible. One popular use case is manipulating pictures taken with the built-in camera.
IPad : Working with Contacts - Adding Contacts from E-mails, Sending an E-mail Message from Contacts
If the Sender is not in your address book, you'll be taken to a screen that lets you choose whether to add that e-mail address to an existing contact or to create a new one.
IPad : Working with Contacts - Adding a Photo to Contacts, Searching Your Contacts
If you have an Exchange ActiveSync account and your company has enabled it, your Exchange Global Address List shows up here, under Groups, as well. You can search to find anyone in your company there.
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