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Enter Java ME on Symbian OS : Which APIs Are Supported?
Symbian OS provides a wide, common Java ME platform for a plethora of devices by various manufacturers, which minimizes JSR support differences between different families of devices. The rich selection of JSRs allows you to create rich applications using standard Java APIs only.
Enter Java ME on Symbian OS : Running a MIDlet on a Symbian Smartphone
A Symbian smartphone can be built on different versions of Symbian OS, can come from different phone manufacturers, can have different form factors and different UI designs. For that reason, we choose three devices that represent the different flavors of Symbian smartphones that are currently in the market.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Fixing Problems - Updating the BlackBerry Operating System
BlackBerry is continually updating the operating system (OS) software for its devices. Sometimes, if you are having problems, they might actually already have been addressed by a newer version of the software. It is generally a good idea to check for software updates on a regular basis for just this reason.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Fixing Problems - Understanding Your Wireless Data Connection
Normally, you don't have to think about your wireless signal; it just works. However, sometimes things happen to cause you troubles. You may try the Browser but realize that you have no data connectivity.
Android Application Development : The ApiDemos Application (part 2) - Adding Your Own Examples to ApiDemos
The ApiDemos application is a handy sandbox for your own testing, and adding a new menu entry and Activity to it is quite easy. But remember that whenever you upgrade your API, all of your changes will be lost. Don’t add code to the ApiDemo that you might want to save after an upgrade. It really is just a sandbox for quick tests.
Android Application Development : The ApiDemos Application (part 1) - Application Setup in the Manifest File, Finding the Source to an Interesting Example
The ApiDemos application has a lot of interesting examples that will help you learn how to program an Android application. However, it’s not entirely obvious how to find the source to any particular screen.
iphone Programming : Adding Missing Features (part 3) - Changing the Display Name, Enabling Rotation
The name displayed beneath your application icon on the iPhone home screen is, by default, the name of your Xcode project. However, only a limited number of characters are displayed before an ellipsis is inserted and your application name is truncated.
iphone Programming : Adding Missing Features (part 2) - Adding a Launch Image
One of the ways in which the iPhone and the iPod touch cheat is by providing launch images. A launch image is immediately displayed on the screen when the application is started before the UI is displayed. Your application displays the launch image file while loading, which means there are no more blank screens while the application loads
iphone Programming : Adding Missing Features (part 1) - Adding an Icon
The standard iPhone home screen icon used for your application is 57×57 pixels square in PNG format with no transparency or layers (Icon.png). You also must provide Apple with a 512×512-pixel version of your application icon for display on the App Store .
iphone Programming : Using Sensors - Accessing the Proximity Sensor
The proximity and ambient light sensors are two separate sensors. The ambient light sensor is used to change the brightness level of the device’s screen automatically, while the proximity sensor is used by the device to turn the screen off when you put the phone to your ear to make a call.
Mobile Web Apps : Templating - Twitter Integration with Templating
Pulling in an entire dollop of ready-to-go HTML via Ajax makes it nice and easy to stick in your page, but typically this isn’t the data format you’ll receive from a web service or API.
Mobile Web Apps : Ajax - Fetching HTML, Ajaxifying Links
There are two approaches we could take to loading dynamic data into our application. We could load in the raw data (such as a list of JSON objects representing recently spotted celebrities) and merge it into the application’s HTML—creating list elements and appending them to the page.
IPad : Working with Contacts - Adding a New Contact Right on Your iPad
You can always add your contacts right on your iPad. This is handy when you're away from your computer—but have your iPad—and need to add someone to your Contacts. It's very easy to do.
Bluetooth on the iPad : Bluetooth Stereo, Disconnect or Forget a Bluetooth Device
One of the great features of today's advanced Bluetooth technology is the ability to stream your music without wires via Bluetooth. The fancy name for this technology is A2DP, but it is simply known as Stereo Bluetooth.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Fixing Problems - Web Browser Running Slowly, Automatic Memory Cleaning to Keep Running Smoothly
One thing that may help keep your BlackBerry running smoothly is to utilize the automatic memory cleaning feature. Although your BlackBerry has lots of built-in memory, all smartphones are prone to memory leaks, which can cause the device to really slow down and programs to hang or not work properly.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Fixing Problems - BlackBerry Running Slowly?
Your BlackBerry tracks absolutely everything it does to help with debugging and troubleshooting in what is called an event log. Your BlackBerry will run smoother and faster if you periodically clear out this log.
Windows Phone 7 Advanced Programming Model : Working with Images on Windows Phone 7, The Windows Phone 7 Media Library
The MediaLibrary class provides access to the media available on the device as part of the music+video hub and corresponding Zune service.
Windows Phone 7 Advanced Programming Model : Encryption Services
A mobile device no matter what operating system or platform is inherently insecure. A mobile device is not locked safely in a server room within a secure data center like a web server.
Debugging Android Applications : Eclipse Java Editor (part 5) - Traceview
Traceview is a utility that allow you just that kind of visibility. It consists of two parts, one that you enable before running your program and one that you work with after the run in order to diagnose your findings:
Debugging Android Applications : Eclipse Java Editor (part 4) - Android Debug Bridge, Dalvik Debug Monitor Service
Android comes with a specialized command-line debug utility called adb. It lets you control a device or emulator from your host, offering the kind of remote terminal or remote shell service that embedded programmers have come to expect when working with their target systems.
Debugging Android Applications : Eclipse Java Editor (part 3) - Logcat
Granted, the errors we debugged in the last section were pretty straightforward—no different from debugging in any other environment. But most applications are not as simple as DebugTest, and many problems are much harder to isolate and solve.
Debugging Android Applications : Eclipse Java Editor (part 2) - The Debugger
The Android SDK makes the use of the Eclipse debugger completely transparent, so let’s use it to see what’s going wrong with our program. We’ll put a breakpoint at the line we just entered, so the debugger will break there when we run the program.
Debugging Android Applications : Eclipse Java Editor (part 1) - Java Errors
The Android SDK takes full advantage of the features built into the Eclipse IDE, including those in the Eclipse text editor, which is customized for Java source code development.
iphone Programming : Using Sensors - Using the Digital Compass
In addition to the accelerometer, the iPhone 3GS has a magnetometer that acts as a digital compass. Combining the heading (yaw) information returned by this device with the roll and pitch information returned by the accelerometer will let you determine the true orientation of the iPhone in real time.
iphone Programming : Using Sensors - The Core Location Framework
The Core Location framework is an abstraction layer in front of several different methods to find the user’s location (and, by extrapolation, her speed and course). It can provide the latitude, longitude, and altitude of the device (along with the level of accuracy to which this is known).
iPhone SDK 3 : SDK and IDE Basics
Expand the Classes and Other Sources groups. You will notice several files that live underneath these two groups. Click on the main.m file and expand to a full-editor view.
Bluetooth on the iPad : Pairing with a Bluetooth Device
Bluetooth is an added drain on your battery. If you don't plan on using Bluetooth for a period of time, think about turning the switch back to OFF.
Personalize & Secure Your iPad : How to Secure Your iPad with a Passcode
Your iPad can hold a great deal of valuable information. This is especially true if you save information like the Social Security numbers and birth dates of your family members. It is a good idea to make sure that anyone who picks up your iPad can't access all that information.
Windows Phone 8 : XAML Overview - What Is XAML?
What is eXtensible Application Markup Language (or XAML)? For Windows Phone, XAML is used to design the user interfaces (both the look and feel of applications), but it does quite a lot more.
Windows Phone 8 : Writing Your First Phone Application - Working with the Phone
This first application is a program that can be pretty self-sufficient, but not all applications are like that. Most applications will want to interact with the phone’s operating system to work with other parts of the phone.
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