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Windows Phone 7 : Getting Started with XNA - Useful Sprite Effects
Besides drawing individual graphics on the screen, there are various other useful effects that we can perform by using sprites. Let's take a look at a few of these effects: background images, fading to black, and fading between images.
iphone Programming : Integrating Your Application - Using the Address Book
Once you reach the lower levels of the Address Book framework—for instance, dealing with individual person records—the interface presented by the framework is in C rather than Objective-C. This is especially obvious when dealing with the address book programmatically rather than interactively using the navigation controller.
iphone Programming : Integrating Your Application - Media Playback
Just as it has done for images with the UIImagePickerController class and for email with the MFMailComposeViewController class , Apple has provided a standard way to select and play back iPod media inside your own application.
Windows Phone 8 : Controls in XAML (part 2) - RichTextBox Control, Content Controls, List Controls
The Windows Phone SDK includes a specialized control for displaying formatted text. This control is called the RichTextBox. With the RichTextBox control you can format text by using a simplified markup including paragraph, bold, italic, and hyperlink tags.
Windows Phone 8 : Controls in XAML (part 1) - Using Keyboards
The TextBox and PasswordBox controls support text input by the user. For devices with physical keyboards this is simple, but for the majority of devices (that don’t have physical keyboards) you must use a software input panel (SIP).
Windows Phone 8 : XAML Overview - XAML Styling
When writing code, it’s customary to take common pieces of code and reuse them in a number of ways, including creating base classes, creating static classes, or even creating reusable libraries. XAML has the same need for creating reuse in the design.
Enter Java ME on Symbian OS : Crossing to the Native Land of Symbian OS
We now deal with areas that are part of the native capabilities of Symbian OS. We first give advice on how to better understand some of the messages that appear in Java exceptions. Then we discuss how some mobile applications can use both Java and native capabilities.
iphone Programming : Handling Data - Storing Data
If the user creates data while running your application, you may need a place to store the data so that it’s there the next time the user runs it. You’ll also want to store user preferences, passwords, and many other forms of data.
iphone Programming : Handling Data - Regular Expressions
Regular expressions, commonly known as regexes, are a pattern-matching standard for text processing, and are a powerful tool when dealing with strings. With regular expressions, an expression serves as a pattern to compare with the text being searched.
BlackBerry Java Application Development : Importing the HelloWorldDemo sample application
Projects that have been imported are not activated by default. I'm not sure if this is by design or a bug, but the bottom line is that if you want to run an application after importing it you must activate it.
BlackBerry Java Application Development : Starting the Eclipse IDE, Launching Eclipse for the first time
Your Explorer preferences may be set up slightly differently than in the following screenshot. The important thing to look for here is the file with the purple globe icon in it. The name may be Eclipse or Eclipse.exe, again depending on your preferences.
Windows Phone 7 : Getting Started with XNA - Sprites in Detail (part 4) - Sprite Transparency, Alpha Tinting
A color key provides the simplest mechanism for making areas of your sprite transparent, but it is less flexible than the alpha channel approach that we will discuss in a moment. A color key identifies a particular pixel color within your image that will be treated as transparent.
Windows Phone 7 : Getting Started with XNA - Sprites in Detail (part 3) - Partial Image Rendering, Layer Depth
Sprites can draw just a subsection of their images, too. One of the main uses for this is for animation: multiple animation frames can be placed into a single image, and then individual frames can be rendered to the screen in sequence to animate the sprite.
Windows Phone 7 : Getting Started with XNA - Sprites in Detail (part 2) - Rotation, Tinting
Throughout all the calls to Draw, we have passed through a Color parameter, and in each case it has been Color.White. We can pass different colors instead of white to tint the graphic that is being drawn. If we pass Color.Blue, the sprite will be shaded in blue, for example.
Windows Phone 7 : Getting Started with XNA - Sprites in Detail (part 1) - Scaling
XNA can scale the sprite as we draw it, changing its size to make it smaller or larger. It can scale either uniformly (the sprite scales equally along the x and y axes) or non-uniformly (the x and y axes scale differently, stretching or squashing the image).
BlackBerry Tablet Applications : Exploring the APIs - Camera Roll
Let’s review the code that follows. First, you will notice there is a private variable named cameraRoll declared of type Within applicationComplete of the application, an event handler function is called; it first checks to see if the device supports access to the image gallery by reading the static property of the CameraRoll class.
BlackBerry Tablet Applications : Exploring the APIs - Camera UI
If your application requires the use of the device’s camera, you will need to select the use_camera permission to access the camera and the access_shared permission to read the new image when you’re creating your project.
iphone Programming : Handling Data - Parsing JSON (part 2) - The Twitter Trends Application
There are a few bits and pieces that I haven’t added to this application but that you really should add if you are going to release it. Most of it has to do with error handling; for instance, you should do a reachability check before trying to retrieve the JSON document. However, this example illustrated that retrieving and parsing JSON documents is a relatively simple task.
iphone Programming : Handling Data - Parsing JSON (part 1) - The Twitter Search Service
To let you get familiar with the json-framework library, let’s implement a bare-bones application to retrieve the trending topics on Twitter by making use of their RESTful Search API.
Android : Using Selection Widgets - . Fields
The AutoCompleteTextView is sort of a hybrid between the EditText (field) and the Spinner. With autocompletion, as the user types, the text is treated as a prefix filter, comparing the entered text as a prefix against a list of candidates.
Android : Using Selection Widgets - Grid Your Lions (or Something Like That...)
GridView gives you a two-dimensional grid of items to choose from. You have moderate control over the number and size of the columns; the number of rows is dynamically determined based on the number of items the supplied adapter says are available for viewing.
Windows Phone 8 : XAML Overview - Transformations and Animations
A common example of this is the venerable button object. In a typical desktop operating system, when you move your mouse over a button it changes its look to indicate you’re over the button.
Windows Phone 8 : XAML Overview - Images
Although the simple vector drawing stack is invaluable to the design of your Windows Phone 7 application, you will always need to use images in your application
Mobile Web Development with WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal : PRIMARY SITE CONTENT (part 3) - Forms
Developers are often tempted to make the mobile version of a website far more of a read-only experience than its desktop equivalent. It's certainly true that entering large amounts of text into a mobile device can be a trying experience, and a design decision to temper, say, the account registration functionality on a mobile site may be a wise one.
Mobile Web Development with WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal : PRIMARY SITE CONTENT (part 2) - Embedding Images and Media
Few websites are solely textual, and most both decorate the theme of the site with graphical elements and embed images and media into the body of the content.
Mobile Web Development with WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal : PRIMARY SITE CONTENT (part 1) - Text and Typography, Pagination
Page size is a perennial consideration for mobile web developers. Historically, there were actually hard limits on the (byte) size of page that many devices could display and cache, and slower network speeds meant that large pages might simply take too long to load.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Email Set Up - Setting Up Email for the First Time
Your BlackBerry is designed to retrieve your email from up to ten different email accounts and, if you are connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, one corporate email account. When your BlackBerry receives your email, all your messages will be displayed in your Messages inbox.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Email Set Up - Learn Your BlackBerry and Getting Around
Depending on the particular phone company that supplied your BlackBerry, you may see more or fewer icons on your Home screen-similar to your computer's desktop. You will see a different background picture than the one shown in Figure 1.
Enter Java ME on Symbian OS : Java ME Management on Devices (part 2)
In Symbian OS, Internet Access Points (IAP) define the variable configuration factors that determine how an Internet connection is established. These factors can include the bearer (e.g., CDMA, GSM or GPRS), the dial-in number, and network login names and passwords.
Enter Java ME on Symbian OS : Java ME Management on Devices (part 1) - MIDP Security Settings
During development, you may want be able to view and change the security settings of your tested MIDlets, for example, to see which certificates are deployed on the device.
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