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iPhone Application Development : Working with Rich Media - Accessing and Playing the iPod Library
When Apple opened iOS for development, they didn’t initially provide a method for accessing the iPod library. This led to applications implementing their own libraries for background music and a less-than-ideal experience for the end user.
Android Application Development : Initialization in (part 2)
The previous section was a rather long digression into XML Layout files, but as you can see, that is where a lot of the initialization of the application’s user interface takes place: where views are defined, named, and given attributes; where the screen is layed out; and where hints are given to the layout manager describing the way we would like the screen to look.
Android Application Development : Initialization in (part 1)
Having seen the XML resources that Android uses to launch the application, we can turn to some Java code that initializes the application. Use Eclipse to open in the Java editor.
Android Application Development : Initialization Parameters in AndroidManifest.xml
The MicroJobs Activity is identified in the manifest at the beginning of the file. This part of the file is normally created in Eclipse when you first create the Project that you use to write your application.
Iphone Application : Working with Rich Media - Using the Photo Library and Camera
The iPhone is great for storing pictures and, with the new high-quality camera in the iPhone 4, great for taking pictures, too. By integrating the photo library with your apps, you can directly access any image stored on the device or take a new picture and use it within your application.
Iphone Application : Creating and Playing Audio Recordings
When you were entering the contents of the MediaPlayground.h file a bit earlier, you may have noticed that we slipped in a protocol: AVAudioPlayerDelegate. By conforming to this protocol, we can implement the method audioPlayerDidFinishPlaying:successfully:, which will automatically be invoked when our audio player finishes playing back the recording.
Windows Phone 7 : AppHub and the Windows Marketplace for Mobile (part 2)
Marketplace on the device is a top-level hub experience that provides a one-stop shop location to find applications and games that are not managed XboxLIVE titles.
Windows Phone 7 : AppHub and the Windows Marketplace for Mobile (part 1)
An important function provided by the Zune client is that it allows a developer to deploy code to a connected device from Visual Studio 2010 or Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone.
Developing BlackBerry Tablet Applications : Tabbed Application
The final option for application type is the Tabbed Application. Selecting Tabbed Application when creating a new Flex Mobile project will trigger Flash Builder to provide some additional functionality.
Developing BlackBerry Tablet Applications : View-Based Application
The View-Based Application adds the concept of a navigator, which is a built-in navigation framework built specifically for use within mobile applications. The navigator will manage the screens within your application.
Windows Phone 7 : XNA Game Studio and Framework Overview (part 2) - Implement the Game
In this section we start with the default game loop code generated when we created the HelloXNA project to create a simple space ship shooter game. Our game will be a simple top-down shooter where alien space ships attempt to strike the hero ship. The hero ship can shoot missiles at the alien ships to cause them to explode. Score is based on the number of alien ships blown up.
Windows Phone 7 : XNA Game Studio and Framework Overview (part 1) - Hello XNA for Windows Phone
When you install the Windows Phone Developer Tools it includes XNA Game Studio, with a dedicated template folder XNA Game Studio 4.0 in the Visual Studio 2010 New Project dialog to create either a Windows Phone game or a Windows Phone game library assembly.
Windows Phone 7 : Silverlight Tools and Framework Overview
In general, Silverlight is Microsoft's cross-web browser, cross-platform, and cross-device plug-in for delivering the nextgeneration of .NET Framework-based rich interactive applications for the Web and the Windows desktop.
Iphone Application : Working with Rich Media - Using the Movie Player
The Media Player framework provides access to the built-in media playback capabilities of the iPhone. Everything you typically see when playing video or audio—the scrubber control, fast forward/rewind, play, pause—all of these features come “for free” within the classes provided by the Media Player.
Iphone Application : Exploring Rich Media, Preparing the Media Playground Application
This exercise will be less about creating a real-world application and more about building a sandbox for testing out the rich media classes. The finished application will show embedded or fullscreen video, record and play audio, browse and display images from the photo library or camera, and browse and select iPod music for playback.
Iphone Application : Sensing Orientation and Motion - Detecting Tilt and Rotation (part 2) - Implementing Motion Events
If you know you’re going to use both the accelerometer and gyroscope in your application, you can request updates from both simultaneously using the Core Motion motion manager (CMMotionManager) startDeviceMotionUpdatesToQueue:withHandler method. This incorporates both sensors into a single method with a single handler block.
Iphone Application : Sensing Orientation and Motion - Detecting Tilt and Rotation (part 1)
In the Orientation application, we ignored the precise values coming from the accelerometer and instead just allowed iOS to make an all-or-nothing orientation decision. The gradations between these orientations, such as the device being somewhere between its left side and straight up and down, are often interesting to an application.
Iphone Application : Sensing Orientation and Motion - Sensing Orientation
As our first introduction to detecting motion, we’ll create the Orientation application. Orientation won’t be wowing users, it’s simply going to say which of six possible orientations the iPhone is currently in. The Orientation application will detect standing-up, upside-down, left-side, right-side, face-down, and face-up orientations.
Iphone Application : Sensing Orientation and Motion - Accessing Orientation and Motion Data
To access orientation and motion information, we use two different approaches. First, to determine and react to distinct changes in orientation, we can request that our iOS device send notifications to our code as the orientation changes.
Iphone Application : Sensing Orientation and Motion - Understanding iPhone Motion Hardware
All iOS devices, to date, can sense motion through the use of the accelerometer hardware. This capability was supplemented with a gyroscope in the iPhone 4 and presumably will be expanded to other hardware in the future.
Buyer’s Guide : Android Device (Part 3) - Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Asus Eee Pad Transformer Infinity
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 was one of the few on the market that could directly compete with the iPad 2, but Samsung felt it could do better. Enter the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. It’s as thin as the previous Galaxy Tab 10.1 (thinner than the iPad 2), but now it has a redesigned form, a micro-SD slot, TV remote control capabilities and it’s substantially cheaper than its predecessor.
Buyer’s Guide : Android Device (Part 2) - Sony Tablet S, Acer Iconia Tab A200, Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet
Although the appearance of the Sony Tablet S is unlike any other on the market, beneath the case there’s something far more familiar going on. A 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2, 1GB of memory and an SD card slot. Front and rear cameras, and a 9.4” screen with 1280 x 800 resolution.
Buyer’s Guide : Android Device (Part 1) - Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7.0
It might not have the coolest name around, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is perhaps the only device around at the moment that can five the Nexus 7 any real comperition – especially since the Kindle Fire hasn’t yet made it to the UK.
Best Mid-Range iPhone Cases
In this review, I'll cover my top picks in that mid-range cat­egory. To compare the cases, I used the following criteria: feel and appearance (including bulkiness or lack thereof), ease of use, and protection.
iWALK Chameleon
Korean brand iWALK makes a range of options. This one, the Chameleon, is a battery integrated into an iPhone 4/4S case.
Western Digital My Passport Edge 500GB
Each year, hardware makers pick a theme, and this year's theme is 'sleek'. I know this because every product launch uses the word, and the one promoting the new Western Digital My Passport Edge is no exception.
Apple AirPort Express (2012)
The redesigned 2012 model of the AirPort Express Wi-Fi base station has become the mouse that roars. The revisions transform this model into a tiny powerhouse by adding to its previous modest attributes a second Ethernet port, simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi and a guest network option all in a form factor identical to the Apple TV (expect white and a bit lighter).
The Life Of An App
As of the June 2012 Keynote Address at the WWDC, there were more than 650,000 apps available at the App Store for iOS devices. And according to Apple's own advertising, "There's an app for that," leads us to believe we can get an app for anything and everything. But when it comes down to it, it turns out that's not necessarily true.
Google Nexus 7 vs. iPad
We all know the Apple iPad sits atop the 10-inch tablet market like an MMA fighter straddling the octagon fence after a first-round TKO. That fight is over, for now, but the battle for 7-inch supremacy is still going strong and our new favorite contender is the Google Nexus 7, made by Asus.
Get Fit With Your Android Phone
While everyone dreams of obtaining the perfect body by working out, the reality is that most plans fail. The obligatory new-year gym membership seems doomed to last three months, and the home exercise equipment you spent a small fortune on inevitably sits in the corner gathering dust.
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