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Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Working with Layers - Using Smart Guides
Photoshop gives you the capacity to use the smart guides to help to align forms, slices, and selections while you draw.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Working with Layers - Setting Layers Panel Options
Photoshop does not have many options to order the panel of layers itself; in fact, there only the size of the nail of the inch of layer one-changes and how it enters the box of nail of the inch
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Working with Layers - Exporting Layers as Files
Photoshop gives you the option of the layers of export and saving like various files using a great choice of formats including PSD, BMP, JPEG, pdf, Targa, tiff, and png. By exporting layers towards files, a format is applied to all the exported layers. The layers of export to the ordering of manuscript of files gives you the capacity to create various files of the various layers and the selected options specific to the format of file which you want.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Working with Layers - Working with the Layer Comps Panel
The Layer Comp are an image or instantaneous of the actual position of the panel of layers. When you create Layer Comp, you record the visibility of layer, the position of a layer in the document, and all the styles of layer applied to the image. The manufacturing changes into the layers in your document and then the update of the panel of Comps of layer creates a new compartment of layer.
Adobe InDesign CS5 : Working with Frames and Shapes - Selecting Type, Working with Shapes
The shape tools in InDesign enable you to create rectangles, ellipses, and polygons. You can also create lines with the Line tool and draw freeform shapes with the Pencil tool. To create custom paths and shapes, you can draw and edit points using the tools available in the Pen toolset.
Adobe InDesign CS5 : Working with Frames and Shapes - Selecting and Editing Frames and Their Contents
To move, scale, rotate, or shear a frame—or apply any object formatting attributes, such as drop shadow or transparency effects—you must select the frame first.
Adobe InDesign CS5 : Working with Frames and Shapes - Combining and Converting Frames and Shapes
You can combine two or more frames or shapes in various ways using the Pathfinder panel controls.
Adobe InDesign CS5 : Working with Frames and Shapes - Understanding Frames Versus Shapes
In InDesign, both rectangle tools (frame and shape) can be used to draw a picture box or a text box. Frames can be shapes and shapes can be frames, and you do not have to draw a box first before placing an image. Despite this flexibility, you should be aware of some differences when working with the frame and shape tools.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Importing Graphics - Using Trace Bitmap to Create Vector Shapes
Flash provides a procedure to convert bitmaps into vector art. When Trace Bitmap is used, Flash interprets the pixel information in the bitmap and converts it into vector shapes.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Importing Graphics - Editing a Bitmap with the Magic Wand
When you use Break Apart on a bitmap, the bitmap becomes a fill and its content is editable. You can select specific regions of it with any of Flash’s selection tools and procedures.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Importing Graphics - Modifying a Bitmap Fill - Change the Center Point
Flash defaults to tiling a bitmap fill. Tiling is simply when an image is repeated in a grid until it fills the entire object. If you have applied a bitmap fill to a vector object, you can continue to edit its characteristics and placement.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Importing Graphics - Using Break Apart to Create Fill Patterns
By default, when you import a bitmap into Flash and drag it to the Stage, you are limited in how you can edit it. Break Apart the image to remove the image from its bounding box and enable you to cut into the image, remove parts, select regions, and use it as a fill pattern.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Importing Graphics - Setting Bitmap Compression
When you export a Flash movie, you can decide how much color information to include in each exported bitmap. This is called compression. The more compression you apply, the less color information is included and the lower the size and quality of the image.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 : Working with Divs and AP Elements - Placing div Tags (part 3)
All CSS block elements are rendered in the browser according to the CSS box model. The box model, established by the W3C CSS standards body, determines how much room a block element actually takes up on the page.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 : Working with Divs and AP Elements - Placing div Tags (part 2)
Live View makes it easy for the Dreamweaver designer to accurately preview the current Web page as it appears in a modern browser.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 : Working with Divs and AP Elements - Placing div Tags (part 1)
CSS-P information can be defined in a style sheet or inline. Defining the CSS rule in a style sheet (either external or internal) has the benefit of truly separating content from presentation, which, in turn, makes it easier to reshape the content via another style sheet for another medium.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 : Working with Divs and AP Elements - Divs and AP Elements 101
When the World Wide Web first made its debut in 1989, few people were concerned about the aesthetic layout of a page.
Adobe Illustrator CS5 : Working with Paths (part 3) - Understanding how fills and strokes relate to paths
If paths are the basic concept behind Illustrator, you may be wondering where the colors and patterns fit in. You apply all colors and patterns to Illustrator paths using fills and strokes. Basically, a fill is a color or pattern that appears within a path, and a stroke is a special style that you apply along a path.
Adobe Illustrator CS5 : Working with Paths (part 2) - Understanding control handles and control handle lines
If an anchor point has a control handle coming out of it, the next segment is curved. No control handle, no curve. Couldn't be simpler.
Adobe Illustrator CS5 : Working with Paths (part 1) - Understanding types of paths , Understanding anchor points
As stated earlier, paths consist of a series of points and the line segments between these points. These points are commonly called anchor points because they anchor the path; paths always pass through or end at anchor points.
Microsoft OneNore 2010 : Distributing Your Notes - Emailing a Page
When you give a command to send a page by email, a Microsoft Outlook 2010 message window opens automatically so you can address the email message. As well, you can write a message in the window to accompany the OneNote page you send.
Adobe After Effects CS5 : Expressions - Color Sampling and Conversion, Extra Credit
Congratulations on making it this far. The remaining examples build on concepts covered earlier, but I have saved them for this section because they are particularly tricky or involve some complex math. I’m presenting them mainly to entice you to take some time to figure out how they work.
Adobe After Effects CS5 : Expressions - Layer Space Transforms
In the world of expressions, layer space transforms are indispensible, but they present some of the most difficult concepts to grasp. There are three coordinate systems in After Effects, and layer space transforms provide you with the tools you need to translate locations from one coordinate system to another.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 : Designing the banner ad (part 3) - Importing Photoshop images
You are getting lots of practice importing images. You will import two more images now, but there’s a twist. These images are Photoshop (PSD) files. Fireworks has some special features for importing such files, even if the file is only a single image.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 : Designing the banner ad (part 2) - Importing assets, Using the Auto Vector Mask for quick fades
You’ll do more complicated masking shortly, but for these police cars, the Auto Vector Mask is just the feature to use. It not only creates a mask quickly, but lets you preview the effect. This command can be used on vector or bitmap objects.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 : Designing the banner ad (part 1) - Adding the background, Editing gradient colors, Editing gradient direction and angle
With the rectangle still active, and the gradient applied, you should see two control arms. The arms are normally black, but we’ve outlined them in white here to make them easier to see.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 : Masking - About masks
In this lesson, you will work with masks to create a banner ad for the promotion of the Double Identity movie, and you’ll have a chance to brush up on importing images and using the Pen and Subselection tools along the way.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Working Within the Flash Environment - Printing a Document in Windows
Printing a paper copy is the most common way to preview and share your documents. You can use the Print dialog box to set how many copies to print, specify a range of pages to print, and print your document.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Working Within the Flash Environment - Printing a Document in Macintosh
The Print command is probably the most used of all Flash’s print options. In addition to normal printing functions, such as Copies and Pages, the Print command gives you other menus that let you control specific printing functions, such as output ink and color management.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Working Within the Flash Environment - Working with Page Setup in Windows
You can use the Page Setup dialog box in Windows to select the size and location in the printer of the paper you want to use. You can also select the page orientation (portrait or landscape) that best fits the entire document or any selection.
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