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Dreamweaver CS5 : Using Dreamweaver Templates - Using Editable Regions
When you convert an existing document into a template via the Save As Template command, the entire document is initially locked. If you attempt to create a document from a template at this stage, Dreamweaver alerts you that the template doesn't have any editable regions, and you cannot change anything on the page.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Fixing Depth-of-Field Problems
Shooting at a wide-open aperture (like f/4, f/2.8, or f/2, etc.) is very popular with outdoor portraits, because it creates a very shallow depth of field, putting the background out of focus, which adds separation and helps your subject stand out from a busy background.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Using the Dodge and Burn Tools
Adobe greatly updated these tools, which totally fixed the problem, and now it’s safe to use the Dodge and Burn tools for lightening and darkening different parts of your image.
QuarkXPress 8 : Combining type and graphics
Interesting layouts usually feature a combination of type and graphics, including text wraps, anchored items that flow with text, rules (lines) above and below paragraphs, and text converted to boxes.
QuarkXPress 8 : Fine-tuning typography
Many fonts contain far more characters than you can see on the keyboard, including bullets, accented characters, the euro symbol, and much more. In fact, many characters come in more than one shape, such as multiple variations on the ampersand symbol.
Adobe After Effects CS5 : Curves: Gamma and Contrast
A typical method for working in Curves is to begin with a single-point adjustment to adjust gamma or contrast, then to modulate it with one or two added points.
Adobe After Effects CS5 : Levels: Histograms and Channels
Footage is by its very nature dynamic, so it is essential to leave headroom for the whites and foot room for the blacks until you start working in 32 bits per channel. You can add contrast, but once the image blows out, that detail is gone.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 : Adjusting tonal range & Using the Align panel
Guides and Smart Guides are helpful for positioning items, but they’re “one object at a time” features. If you have multiple items you need to reposition, the Align panel is the tool to use.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 : Importing images & Distortion-free bitmap scaling
If a bitmap image contains an area that doesn’t have a lot of detail (a very important point to note), you can use the 9-slice Scaling tool to make the image fit with no noticeable damage.
CorelDraw 10 : Naming a Web Page
Besides its file name, every Web page should also have a title. When the page is viewed in a browser, the title appears in the title bar .
CorelDraw 10 : Adding a Page Background
A good place to start when designing a Web page is to add a background color or image. Images used as backgrounds on a Web page are usually tiled, meaning that the image is repeated seamlessly across and down the page.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Sampling and Switching Fills and Strokes (part 2)
The level of zoom changes the apparent size of gaps. Although the actual size of gaps is unaffected by zoom, the Paint Bucket's interpretation of the gap is dependent upon the current Zoom setting.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Sampling and Switching Fills and Strokes (part 1)
These tools only apply changes directly to shapes, shape primitives, or drawing objects, so to modify an element that has been grouped or converted into a symbol, you must first access the element in Edit mode.
Adobe InDesign CS5 : Adding and Deleting Anchor Points
You can add, subtract, or delete anchor points on an existing path. You can also modify those points to conform to any desired shape. In addition, existing anchor points can be modified to change the segments connecting the points.o a corner point.
Adobe InDesign CS5 : Converting Points
If you want the second curve segment to appear on the same side as the first, you need to convert the anchor point from a smooth point to a corner point.
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 : Creating a Data List component (part 2) - Convert the sample record into a Data List component & Define the repeated item
With the parts of a data list arranged in the artboard, the next step is to select them and convert the individual parts into a new Data List component. If your data list includes a scroll bar, make sure to include it in the selection.
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 : Creating a Data List component (part 1) - Design a sample record
If you think about a traditional data list, there are typically columns and rows of information. Each row represents a unique record in the database. For each record there may be several columns of information.
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 : Flash Catalyst data lists
A data list is a special type of component used to retrieve and display a series of related items. You can design a data list using Flash Catalyst.
Adobe Illustrator CS5 : Printing from Illustrator (part 3) - Specifying Color Separations
If your file contains spot colors, you can convert them all to separate as process colors by selecting the Convert All Spot Colors to Process option. This option is even available when you’re printing composite proofs.
Adobe Illustrator CS5 : Printing from Illustrator (part 2) - Exploring the Marks and Bleed Print Panel & Exploring the Output Print Panel
Page marks print outside the margins of the artboard (or wherever you’ve defined a crop area), so you need to make sure the media size you’ve chosen in the General panel of the Print dialog box is large enough to include the page marks.
Adobe Illustrator CS5 : Printing from Illustrator (part 1) - Exploring the General Print Panel
One of the options available in the Printer pop-up is Adobe PostScript File, which allows you to print your document as a PostScript file that can then be downloaded directly to a printer or converted to PDF using Acrobat Distiller.
Dreamweaver CS5 : Understanding Templates & Creating Your Own Templates
Templates exist in many forms. Furniture makers use master patterns as templates to create the same basic design repeatedly, using new wood stains or upholstery to differentiate the final product.
Dreamweaver CS5.5 : Using the Open Browser Window Behavior
Just about anything you can use for a link in Dreamweaver you can associate with a behavior. Just select any image, section of text, or even a video or animation file and then click to select the Behavior action and events from the Behaviors panel.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Fixing Shots with a Dull Gray Sky
Nothing ruins an outdoor shot like a dull gray sky , but luckily, in many cases, you can save the shot by darkening the midtones a bit, and adding a blue tint or gradient to the sky.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : When Your Subject Is in the Shadows
We all wind up shooting subjects that are backlit (where the light is behind your subject). That’s because our eyes automatically adjust to the situation and we see the subject just fine in our viewfinder.
Adobe After Effects CS5 : Color Correction for Image Optimization (part 2) - Individual Channels for Color Matching
Many After Effects artists completely ignore the pop-up menu at the top of the Levels control allowing adjustment of the five basic Levels controls on an individual channel, but this is where its powers for color matching lie.
Adobe After Effects CS5 : Color Correction for Image Optimization (part 1) - Levels
The term plate stretches back to the earliest days of optical compositing (and indeed, of photography itself) and refers to the source footage, typically the background onto which foreground elements will be composited.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 : Working with Bitmap Images - Managing images on the canvas
When you have more than one image or object on the canvas, Fireworks gives you a variety of ways to work with those images, from showing and hiding objects to positioning and grouping them.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 : Working with Bitmap Images - Resolution and file size, Cropping an image
Cropping is a common way to remove extraneous detail, letting you focus more exclusively on a specific part of an image. In this exercise, you will remove surrounding detail in a photo to help focus on just the actor’s face.
CorelDraw 10 : CorelDraw Web Settings
Since the Web is a visual medium, CorelDraw's settings should be based on a Web browser displayed on a computer monitor rather than a printed page. A monitor uses pixels as its unit of measure and a screen resolution of 72 or 96 dots per inch (dpi).
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