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Adobe Illustrator CS5 : Working with Layers - Selecting Objects with Layers
When you click the Selection area to the right of the target circle for a specific layer, all the paths, groups, and objects on the layer become selected. A selection square appears next to that target circle. In addition, the target circle for each path and group becomes selected and ready for editing.
Dreamweaver CS5 : Using Dreamweaver Templates - Working with Templates in the Assets Panel
Be forewarned: Dreamweaver does not alert you if files exist that were created from the template that you're about to delete. Deleting the template, in effect, "orphans" those documents, and they can no longer be updated via a template.
Dreamweaver CS5 : Using Dreamweaver Templates - Nesting Templates
The simple template, with its combination of locked and editable regions, truly reflects the reality of many Web pages where the overall structure is constant and the details of the content vary.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Fixing On-Location Flash Photos
When using an off-camera flash on location, most pros put an orange gel over the flash to warm the color of the light, so it doesn’t stand out as artificial light. This plastic gel is called CTO (for Color Temperature Orange) and you can find it at most large camera stores.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Making Really Tricky Selections, Like Hair
Most of the selecting jobs you’ll ever have to do in Photoshop are pretty easy, and you can usually get away with using the Magic Wand, Lasso, or Pen tools for most jobs, but the one that has always kicked our butts is when we have to select hair.
Adobe After Effects CS5 : Applying effects to a layer
Now you will return to the main composition, Destinations, and apply an effect to the destinations_logo layer. This will apply the effect to all of the layers nested in the destinations_logo composition.
Adobe After Effects CS5 : Working with imported Illustrator layers
You can apply or remove an effect at any time. Once you’ve applied effects to a layer, you can temporarily turn off one or all of the effects in the layer to concentrate on another aspect of your composition.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 : Using document templates (part 2)
You will work with the same call-to-action file as before, but as with the logo, you will customize it once it’s been imported. You will use the Subselection tool to edit individual objects in the group, without ungrouping them.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 : Using document templates (part 1)
One feature that may help you in concept and prototyping stages is document templates. Fireworks comes with a number of prebuilt templates you can use to jump-start a brand-new project
CorelDraw 10 : Converting Documents to Web Pages
After you've finished designing your Web pages, it's time to convert them into HTML and image files that can be read by Web browsers. Each document page will be converted to a separate Web page, and a folder will be created to store all the images on the pages.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Manipulating Symbols in 3D Space (part 2) - Transforming symbols with the 3D Rotation tool
You can temporarily toggle the 3D Rotation tool from global mode to local mode while dragging to move a symbol along any axis by pressing the D key.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Manipulating Symbols in 3D Space (part 1) - Controlling the camera view: Perspective and vanishing point
If you are controlling 3D Movie Clips with ActionScript rather than using the 3D tools in the authoring environment, you can create multiple vanishing points and unique camera views for each Movie Clip.
Adobe InDesign CS5 : Working with Clipping Paths
You can create one in Adobe Photoshop and then place it into your InDesign document with the Apply Photoshop Clipping Path option in the Import Options dialog box, or you can have InDesign try to create a clipping path from the edges of an image.
Adobe InDesign CS5 : Creating a Compound Path
A compound path is a single object made up from two or more objects. In overlapping areas, a compound path removes the overlapping space displaying the attributes of the backmost object behind it.
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 : Merging Changes from Catalyst into Flash Builder
In an ideal workflow, this would not be necessary; the design phase of the project will have been completed in Catalyst, and all that will remain will be editing it in Flash Builder.
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 : Running a Project in Flash Builder
The key difference is that, by default, Catalyst opens the project in a stand-alone version of Flash Player, while Flash Builder defaults to opening the project in a Web browser.
Adobe Illustrator CS5 : Selecting Layers & Deleting Layers
A single selected layer appears with the black triangle in the corner and is called the current layer. In some cases, such as moving, deleting, or restacking layers, you want to select multiple layers.
Adobe Illustrator CS5 : Creating Layers - Create a New Top Level Layer or Sublayer with Options
Layers give you control over the design elements of your document, so Illustrator makes sure you have plenty of layers available to you. This flexibility guarantees that you have the creative options to carry your designs to any level you desire.
Dreamweaver CS5 : Establishing Optional Regions (part 3) - Template expression examples
You can also use optional regions to hide the Previous button when the template-based page is the first in the series and the Next button when a page is the last in the series. It's all in the power of template expressions.
Dreamweaver CS5 : Establishing Optional Regions (part 2) - Evaluating template expressions
With optional regions, template expressions are either set explicitly or evaluated to true or false. Template expressions can also be used throughout the template to great effect.
Dreamweaver CS5 : Establishing Optional Regions (part 1)
You can change the name of the automatically added editable region by selecting the template region tab or its tag in the Tag Selector and then changing the name in the Property inspector.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : The Fastest Way to Resize Brushes Ever (Plus, You Can Change Their Hardness, Too)
In CS4, Adobe added one of those seemingly little things that is actually a really big thing—the ability to resize your brush visually onscreen.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Fixing Dark Eye Sockets
This is a very common problem, and photographers use everything from reflectors to strobes placed down low in front of the subject to open up dark, deep-set eye sockets.
Adobe After Effects CS5 : Creating a Basic Animation Using Effects and Presets - Creating a new composition
You created the composition based on footage items that were selected in the Project panel. You can also create an empty composition, and then add your footage items to it.
Adobe After Effects CS5 : Importing footage using Adobe Bridge
You can use Adobe Bridge to organize, browse, and locate the assets you need to create content for print, web, television, DVD, film, and mobile devices.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 : Repairing areas with the Rubber Stamp tool
Many professionals prefer to do this type of retouching on a separate layer. In this way, they avoid the potential for permanently ruining an original image. Fireworks lets you do this kind of work in an empty bitmap object, even in the same layer as the original artwork.
CorelDraw 10 : Hyperlinks and Bookmarks (part 2) - Creating bookmarks and links
If a CorelDraw document contains more than a handful of bookmarks, you might want to open the Internet Bookmarks Manager docker. To quickly jump to any bookmark, click its name in the docker window and then click the Select button.
CorelDraw 10 : Hyperlinks and Bookmarks (part 1)
Bookmarks (or anchors) are points on a given Web page that have been set as the target of a hyperlink. Bookmarks and hyperlinks can be assigned to either text or images. When assigned to an image, the area that the user can click is called a hotspot.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Free Transform Commands and Options
You can apply the basic transform commands to any element in the Flash authoring environment, but it is important to know that any transformations applied to symbols, groups, drawing objects, or text blocks are saved in the Info panel even if they are deselected and then reselected later.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Applying Modify Shape Menu Commands
You cannot apply the Expand Fill command to drawing objects with strokes unless you first break them apart or open them in Edit mode so that you can select the fill without also selecting the stroke.
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